Black Ops 4 Joins Overwatch, Destiny On Blizzard's PC Platform

The second non-Blizzard game to live on


During the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal stream, Activision and Treyarch revealed that the PC version will live on Blizzard's network. In addition to the franchise making its debut, Black Ops 4 is exclusive to Blizzard's ecosystem for PC players; you won't be seeing the game on Steam.

All of's social features will be integrated into Black Ops 4, such as friends lists, communication tools, seeing what others are playing on the platform, and party functions. This also means players will be able to communicate across games whether they're playing Overwatch or Black Ops 4, or any game for that matter. On top of living on, Black Ops 4 is said to be specifically optimized for PC with options to run 4K resolution, 21:9 ultra widescreen resolutions, HDR, and an uncapped framerate. The game will be running on dedicated servers for online play as well.

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The news doesn't come as too much of a surprise considering that Activision is the Call of Duty franchise publisher and the parent company to Blizzard, which is a prominent figure in the PC gaming landscape with the robust ecosystem. Blizzard VP Jeff Kaplan stated that his team consulted with Treyarch on a number of features when building Overwatch, and was featured in the reveal video to outline the PC version of Black Ops 4. This is the second game not developed by Blizzard to make it onto, the first being Destiny 2 from Bungie.

We have Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 covered from all angles. If you want more info on the new Zombies Mode, be sure to read up on the three maps offered at launch. Specialists are at the core of the game's solo missions and multiplayer; catch up on how all of them factor into Black Ops 4. While there won't be a traditional single-player campaign, there will be a battle royale-style survival mode called Blackout.

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