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Black Ops 4 Cyber Monday Deals: PS4, Xbox One, PC Game Discounts

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We're reaching the end of the Thanksgiving period, which means time is quickly running out for you to get yourself a good discount on games. Black Friday is already gone, but if you weren't able to make the most of the deals on that day you've got one more shot thanks to Cyber Monday. One of the hot properties over the last few days has been Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and if you're looking to pick up the game you've got a few options.

One of the better prices we've seen for the game is at GameStop, which has the latest entry in the blockbuster shooter series for $38 on PS4 and Xbox One (PC is out of stock).

Best Buy, meanwhile, has the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions priced at $45. These are physical versions of the game, but a digital code for the PS4 version is also available at the same price. If you head to Walmart, you can get Black Ops 4 for $39 on PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to get the game without leaving the comfort of your home, Sony's PlayStation Store has it for $48, while Microsoft's store has it for $54, or $48 if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

Blizzard's platform, which hosts other Activision-published games such as Destiny 2 and Black Ops 4, has the game for $48, with the Deluxe Edition going for $90 and the Deluxe Enhanced Edition for $117.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 takes some risks with the formula, most notably by dripping the single-player campaign. However, it's still a feature rich experience thanks to the suite of traditional multiplayer modes, as well as new Zombies missions and Blackout, which is Call of Duty's take on the battle royale genre.

Reviews editor Kallie Plagge awarded it an 8/10 in our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, saying it "isn't short on content, and its three main modes are substantial. Multiplayer introduces more tactical mechanics without forcing you into them, and it largely strikes a good balance. Zombies has multiple deep, secret-filled maps to explore, though its returning characters don't hold up and prove distracting. Finally, Blackout pushes Call of Duty in an entirely new direction, making use of aspects from both multiplayer and Zombies for a take on the battle royale genre that stands on its own. Sure, there isn't a traditional single-player campaign, but with the depth and breadth of what is there, Black Ops 4 doesn't need it."

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