Black Ops 2 surfaces on developer resume

Employee at contract art studio Nerve Software lists Black Ops sequel as a project currently in development.


The evidence that Activision is in fact working on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is mounting. As spotted by Joystiq, an employee of contract art studio Nerve Software listed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on his resume as a title presently in development.

Is Activision making Black Ops 2? The evidence is piling up.
Is Activision making Black Ops 2? The evidence is piling up.

Nerve Software has worked with Activision before. The studio provided art for the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as James Bond film tie-in Quantum of Solace. Both games were developed by Treyarch.

This is not the first mention of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Earlier this week, Amazon's French website reportedly listed the game before scrubbing the listing.

Activision confirmed in November that a new entry in the Call of Duty series would be on shelves this year, but the publisher has not confirmed its developer, era, or setting. Treyarch developed the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, which was set during the Cold War. It featured familiar political faces like John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Robert McNamara.

For more on the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, check out GameSpot's review of the 2010 shooter.

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New CoD must be top secret.

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oh really a new COD this year ? WHAT A BIG SURPRISE AINT IT ? lol

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wonder if it'll be set in the future like battle field did i mean they already did WWI WWII and WWIII also Vietnam what else could they rather than a future shooter or end the series?

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yhea dont innovate ..keep the rehashes coming. and you want what the funny part is? millions of retards are still gonna buy it and its going to be successful anyway. keep supporting trash and they will never clean up :D.

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News about news that isn't news because everybody knew it wasn't news even though to some it was confused @_@

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Well spank my nan and call me barbera, A new CoD.

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did I read a story the other day where Activision stated that they were massively 'innovative'?? I wonder what will be innovative here? A new gun? A new map? omg... A NEW MENU????????

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Vgamer With Protype2, Diablo 3, Starcraft2: HOS, and the next WOW expansion coming, it's gonna take more than 1 game tanking to collapse the company. And yes, WOW is shrinking, which I said earlier happens when a game has been out for awhile (7years I believe), but with over 10 million subscribers every month, I think they can live with that since it tallies to well over $100 million a month. And the upcoming expansion (which may not come till next year) will probably increase that number for a few months. If 1 game tanking killed a company, most companies of taoday would be gone. But i am with SaverofHumens. I hope they announce HL3 soon. That will knock the sales numbers for COD down some.

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@moviequest14 You clearly have no idea how the games industry works. Having that you have worked on a CoD game will not only get you what ever job you want but will likely help you get a better paided job. Why wouldn't a company want someone work for them who has worked on a franchise which has made over 5 billions dollars in its last 5 games? Seriously think about it.

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ho my god... -____-

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Is the sky blue during the day? Is the world round? Does the earth revolve around the sun? Will Activision make yet another Call of duty game? Come on think about it. This is not a hard stretch, nor is it really news. It's a given. Black Ops is just another COD spinoff for Activision to milk for the next 10 years in a cookie cutter way. But yet, Activision still claims to be innovative. Now "that" is a fallacy.

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I think they should completely surprise us with including a nazi zombie minigame in this one. Honestly, the only thing that has mad the treyarch CODs more fun than the infinity ward ones is a. you only play as 1 character and b. Gary Oldman. If you renamed the total war series to Call of Duty: Ancient Warfare, think you much money creative assembly would be making right now.

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How many ideas do they have to keep making these?

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@BuBsay Totally agree. Remember that publishers care only for the bottom line - ALL publishers. Developers are the real skills involved in this industry - unfortunately video games are a business - and as such they need to keep in profit. Imo no matter what path the Guitar Hero series chose to walk, it would would have ended up at the same dead end - only so much you can do with a gimmicky Guitar Controller - I only bought it once for PS2 ,thanks. I say just enjoy the games and let the publishers worry about the profits - if you like a game then the best vote to cast is with your wallet - then you can help a game series continue on - its worked for Mass Effect etc. I still enjoy the COD series along with many many other games. This is just my opinion, and sorry for being bringer of bad news for some people who post on here, but judging by the COD series popularity it now seems I am (as a COD player) still part of the the gaming majority... :)

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@cristianadamro Maybe you have just discovered the secret behind cod's massive sales I always assumed it was because they had kidnapped there customers families or something

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This just in: They're going to make another Call of Duty game!

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Even though sales are falling, no other game will be anywhere near COD sales. They make some serious money that not even big companies like EA and others can match

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Actually making a COD game is just like rearranging furniture.

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Bobby kocthick "how ever his name is spelled" is a leech an oil hunter hes the reason games get yearly releases and plummet to the earth. Guitar hero died taking Dj hero with it and it was pretty the controls are worth one cent.. He will continue to bank on games as a buisness and not view them as a culture therefore call of duty when it dies and it will like a fad and not a legend cos mario games became legendary by not releasing every year.. He shut the servers down take our money and they got skylanders and there gunna milk it to death from 7.99 now they up the price why? money we all love money but if it continues games will begin to collapse only the rich can afford them. Or worse. Elite is a waste of money as well..Pardon my bad spelling

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"Sorry we ran out of new ideas... so here you go!" -Activision

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Same stuff again. *sigh* I'll just hope valve announces Half life 3 this year. TF2 is far better than this because i bought a great game once, and it keeps getting FREE updates. Take a lesson from Valve, Activision.

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Same News, Same Title, Same User Comments, Same Sh!t... I'm enough with this, I'll just start reading Reviews or Blogs instead =/ (Its more refreshing though.) :roll:

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With MW2, COD took a game and made it sh*t. Next came Black Ops which took that sh*t and gift wrapped it. Next came MW3 which took said gift wrapped sh*t and pissed all over it. My guess is that Black Ops 2 will probably be something like gift wrapped sh*t that was pissed on with an additional helping of a bullsh*t cake and sparkly candles on the side. In conclusion, I am not buying Black Ops 2.

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if people stop buying activision games, activision will sue the people

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@floridadragon67 WoW is slowly but surely losing subscribers, development of Blizzard's games is sucking money away while no new games are released, Activision's cashcows Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk are dead... So I'm pretty sure if everybody decided not to buy COD games Activision would shrink rather quickly.

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No problem blakeney. All good. As for Activision collapsing, it is gonna take more than COD failing. Thye have Prototype 2 coming and some other good looking titles plus the game releases from Blizzard for the next 2 years so they will be good. And, as with all titles, they always decline in sales. After the first week, sales drop pretty big and keep dropping which is why the next game comes out.

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Black Ops 2 is inevitable people. Shows how scared Activision is. They know that if COD fails then the whole Activision company collapses. They know that people are sick of WW2 era and mw3 is also declining is sales(google it).This is like a desperation move for them because black ops is the only idea left for COD if this fails(hopefully) then the Activision will just have to live with warcraft lol(which is also declining)

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@-Vulpix- hey i hope that was sarcastic :lol:

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Man if you're going to do another one at least some kind of overhaul or real sense of progression or SOMETHING.. Another sequel-within-a-sequel, tschh..

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Geeze, of course they're making Black Ops 2. It's Treyarch's turn this year and naturally they're going to make a sequel to their part. Why do they insist on keeping it a secret when it's obvious to everyone? On another note, I may like the series, but this isn't something to really consider news.

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I used to complain about NFS annual releases but this the same

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Oh boy. Another year, another CoD. We are all surprised, right? Right? Activision would never run a franchise into the ground until it doesn't sell anymore.

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What's the box art gonna look like? The guy pointing his guns upward this time? Call of Duty is so monotonous it's not even funny.

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Having Call of Duty on your resume is like having a maffia hitman occupation on your aren't proud of it and if anyone asks you'll deny it..but it brings major cash in. Only thing is....being a maffia hitman actually does a small amount of good to society...while helping create Call of get my point..

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That developer will also need to add Dairy Farmer to his resume,

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@floridadragon67 Yea sorry dude, was aimed someone else, saw WW2 in your post i guessed it was you, read your posted again, then removed my comment! i cant find the person who said "omgz ww2 is getting boring".

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Well, the announcement they made about a new direction a few weeks ago sounds promising, but we will have to wait and see. They only make a few changes the achievements, but what they really need to do is make bigger maps (like on MW and WAW) with no less than 24 players, or at least give us the option of choosing how many players we want to play on each map. Also, the SP need to be longer than 5 hours, like when the first 2 came out. The MP needs to be awesome, but an all around great game need to be in place or eventually (though seems unlikely), their sales will drop steeply. Only time will tell. I for one will no longer be pre-odrdering COD until bigger maps and more players are available per map.

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This is news? Why do they even try to hide it like we don't know if a new CoD game's coming out the next year or who it's being made by even though IW just released theirs? I don't get it. Of course, as much as I hate what this series is doing to video games, I'm still gonna end up playing it because I can rent it for free, beat it, then return it in a few days.

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Call of Duty just doesn't die, the makers should start with something new rather than making the same thing every year over and over.

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Blakeny, not sure where I said Black ops was WW2. Maybe U should make sure you are reading the correct comment. I said I like the WW2 era and many people keep saying that it is overdone when in reality it is modern shooters and killing aliens that is overdone. Never said Black Ops was WW2 so pay attention. As for me, I am moving on to other games. just played Mass Effect 1&2 and just preordered #3. Also got alot of Indie games and am waiting for Diablo 3 and Half Life 3, so COD and all the other pretenders can forget about my money. But I am sure alot of others will buy it.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I dont play cod anymore (i just cant play games like i used to now i have a child!), but to be fair, black ops was one of my fav's for storey and setting, i also liked what they brought to the cod table in terms of "features"... it was a bigger step foward then mw1-2 tbh.

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@SharinganDowden If there is, it WILL be a "bad company" (which any decent bf fan knows is NOT a true bf game). You do relise there was something like 7 years between bf2 & 3, i expect a simular time frame for bf4 tbh.

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@digi-demon You do realize that the average "hardcore" gamer is generally in their mid to late 20's these days right? And that the average CoD player is usually college or high school aged, so I don't really get what you're saying that all the kids are the ones hating on CoD, when it's the kids who are playing it. Or it could be the fact that Activision has a business model that celebrates sucking dry any creativity or artistry from a series and instead turning it into a cash cow that they can milk until it backfires on them and drives the series into the ground, (See: Guitar Hero series) which does nothing but hurt developers in the long run.

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And do you reckon a new Battlefield is against this?

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i used to played COD until i took an arrow in the chest..