Black Mirror Wins Its First Emmy

"I'm going to go melt this down..."


[UPDATE] Black Mirror won another award for Outstanding Television Movie for its episode "San Junipero." Series creator Charlie Brooker cracked some more jokes: "I've heard 2017 described as being trapped in one, long Black Mirror Episode," explained Brooker during his acceptance speech. "But I'd like to think that if I had written it, it wouldn't be quite so on-the-nose." He went onto say the episode is about love, not hate, and he demanded everyone in attendance immediately make love to one another.

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During Sunday's 69th Annual Primetime Emmy award ceremony, Netflix's series Black Mirror won its first Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series, Movie, or a Dramatic Special for the episode "San Junipero."

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Accepting the award was the writer and series creator Charlie Brooker, who has a good sense of humor, for a person who writes an incredibly compelling yet morbidly depressing series on Netflix: "This is terrifying," Brooker said during his acceptance speech. "I didn't think of anything to say. First world problems."

The win was for the episode "San Junipero," which followed two women who fall in love in the town of San Junipero; however, the episode is a bit more complex than that as it also involves death and the afterlife.

Brooker's speech was brief, but he ended it on a comedic moment: "Thank you. I'm shocked," he stated. "I'm going to go melt this down for..." It was at that point his mic cut off. Regardless, Black Mirror fans will be extremely happy that one of the best episodes in the series is getting the recognition it deserves.

This year, Black Mirror was nominated for a total of three Emmys: Cinematography, Outstanding Television Movie, and the aforementioned win for writing. While the series has been nominated and won numerous other awards--which includes a 2012 International Emmy win--this is the first time the series has won a Primetime Emmy.

Netflix recently revealed the titles for Season 4's episodes in a teaser, released at the end of August. As of now, there has been no official release date for the new season. If you're interested in our thoughts on every episode of Black Mirror, we ranked them all and "San Junipero" came in at number three.

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