Black Mesa Half-Life mod launching September 14

First part of Source-powered community mod will be released next week; initial release will stop at Lambda Core level, offering 8-10 hours of gameplay.


The community behind the development of Half-Life mod Black Mesa (formerly Black Mesa: Source) has announced that the first part of the game will finally be released on September 14 this year.

Black Mesa will be released next week.
Black Mesa will be released next week.

The mod's official website has been updated with a countdown timer, and Black Mesa project leader Carlos Montero posted on the site's forums confirming the game's official release.

"On September 14th you will see the first release of Black Mesa," Montero said in his post. "This will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core. We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible."

A remake of Valve's original 1998 title Half-Life using the Source engine, Black Mesa promises a fully reconstructed Half-Life universe built from the ground up with new models, maps, soundtrack, voice acting, and textures. The remake will include the original game's protagonist, Gordon Freeman, as well as the original cast of characters and environments.

The mod project was launched in 2004 following fan disappointment over Valve's official Half-Life remake, Half-Life: Source. According to the project's site, Black Mesa will not require Half-Life: Source to play--just a copy of any Source engine game installed on Steam.

The Black Mesa soundtrack is now available to download via the project's site.

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it's great they did an awesome job

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the game is a must play for the fans of the half life universe , and in my opinion this is the best use of the source engine i ever seen

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it's amazing.. how dark black mesa is

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im now playing the game and its amazing, they have added new puzzle's and small changes to make the game feel fresh. graphics are sweat, theres cool achievement's like a guy taking a dumb and he's ses he needs help and if u hand him the toilet roll u get an achievement. its great and its FREE what are u waiting for peeps get this games.

Theres only 2 probs with the game so far 1 i dont think the shotgun is in the game because where u normally get it it isnt there but ive yet to finish it so i have my hopes up. and 2 its only half the game.

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I actually have some footage of the game if any of you want to watch.

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It's Out!!!!! OMG I just jizzed in my pants! Then I got headcrabs :D

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Yes! I started watching this mod a couple years ago at least. One heck of a wait, but it will be worth it!

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I'e been waitng so long for this, now we have to get square to remake ff7 and my life will come full circle

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Vote it on greenlight steam!!

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Hey, that's my birthday! What a nice present! A couple years ago I got Reach on my birthday, too. ^_^

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Really looking forward to this!

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Here you can see games supported by the Source SDK wich is needed for Black mesa source!!!

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I copied this from .Launch Details We want to make sure all of you are ready for the big day. If you don't already know, Black Mesa will require the FREE Source SDK Base 2007 to run. If you are not too sure that you have Source SDK Base 2007 installed or you don't own any source based games, please click here to download and install the Source SDK Base via Steam for FREE. I know many of you loyal Half Life fans are planning on taking a vacation day from work, calling out sick for school, or even both. We are working very hard to ensure your day off does not go in vain, and that every person trying to download Black Mesa will undergo a smooth and fast downloading experience. The approximate download size will be 3.03 GB, 8 GB uncompressed. At launch, a launch pad will be available offering multiple mirrors and options for download. These options shall be revealed during launch. So go ahead, take that day off and join us! We know you all are very excited and we want to you share your gameplay experiences as soon as you finish playing. We also want to make sure to collect any bug reporting and get any resolved as quickly as possible. With that being said, the forums shall be moved to it's own separate server. So when you are finished re-visiting Black Mesa, we'll be here to hear all about it. We are very excited and we are counting down the days right along with you! - Josh Hubi (Release Personal).If you have TF2 you shoud be able to play Black Mesa source!!!P.S. TF2 is for free in Steam!!!

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It's hard to believe this game is finally coming out. Amazing.

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Great news! Can't wait.

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been waiting for this mod since 2006 when i first discovered it. hope its of better quality than no more room in hell.

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That's love in modding right there!

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I think im having a nerdgasm

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I'm about to go I will just stop with this....HL1 here I come!!

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Hmmmm, it's taken them about 8 years to get this mod off the ground and Valve still hasn't released HL2 episode 3 in that time. When the modders are working quicker than the devs, something is amiss....

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@naomha1 ... They've released other things.

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@No_Intelligence Please read my post before you reply with the obvious. I said HL2 ep3. Do you kids pay attention in school or are you just too damn lazy to actually use those cells located in your brain? The Wonderboy Club is getting another member.....

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@naomha1 @No_Intelligence Well since you seem to get pissed at anyone not replying strictly to your original post, try this on for size "wonderboy." The modders already had a game design off which to work, textures to use as a reference, original sound files and animations, etc. HL2 Ep3 requires Valve to come up with a completely original set of resources (with the exception of some redundant textures and animations), write and record new dialog, design new atmospheric puzzles, modify the game engine to support newer graphical technologies, and an abundance of other steps that are unnecessary with a remake/mod. Bottom line, even if you were just being cynical, you still posted a comment that makes you look like an ignoranus (misspelling intentional) and your only defense is to call people who are smarter than you "wonderboy."

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@naomha1 @No_Intelligence

Please read your original post.

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@naomha1 Actually, they got HL2 and HL2 Episode 1 and HL2 Episode 2 out in that time. And Portal and Portal 2 and others, technically.

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anything Half-Life is all ways good

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I hope there will be cake!

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@farcorners's not the wrong Universe....but......uuuummmmmm..........

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I can't believe how many years I've been waiting for this mod!!

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I'll definitely try it but I'm a little worried about some parts. One of the videos they released on Youtube a few months ago was awful. The lighting was so dark you couldn't even see where to go and they tried to make the voice acting deliberatley "comical". Hopefully its ready to go but I just get the feeling there might be some funny hitches hehe!

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@biggest_loser do realize A. That voice acting won't be in the mod and B. youtube's encoding fucked up the video and that made it really dark?They responded to this several times

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@biggest_loser look on the bright side. If its a bad mod/remake. You can always ignore it as it was fan made. But if its good-great then you can praise the hard work of the fans to bring us something truly amazing.

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Well if the day is coming for this game to come out maybe half life 3 has hope! :)

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We've been waiting years, literally years for this to finally come out. Thank God it's finally being released, even if its only half the game.

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I'm still alive to see this day. Thank god...

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is this half life 3, give it us already

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@TopGunnas NO, this is half life 1. HL3 is another 3 years away at last count.

goodness, i'm amazed they stuck at it for this long. of course, it's now so old tech, they could almost redo it again.

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@aussiemuscle @TopGunnas They are using the HL2 engine. It still looks great.