Black Isle announces Torn

Interplay's role-playing division is working on an isometric 3D game using the LithTech 3.0 engine. New screenshots inside.


Black Isle Studios, the Interplay role-playing game division responsible for Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, and the Fallout series, has announced its latest project, Torn. The isometric 3D game will use version 3.0 of the LithTech game engine, and it will take place in a fantasy world called Torn. Players assume the role of a traveler on a quest to find a way to remove a curse. Their travels will take them to the land of Orislane, a distant kingdom in the midst of a conflict.

The game will use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. role-playing game system that was created for the Fallout series. This skill-based character system will let players approach problems in a variety of ways. Situations can be resolved through combat, diplomacy, stealth, or a combination of the three. Characters will have access to player-created items, four types of magic, and a wide variety of specialties and abilities. The game will include six playable races, including powerful ogres and cunning sidhe. Torn will also support up to five other players for cooperative adventuring over an Internet or LAN connection.

For more information about the game, take a look at the official Web site.

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