Black Hawk Down ships

NovaLogic announces that its tactical shooter set during the US mission to Somalia has shipped to stores.


Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, NovaLogic's tactical shooter set in and around Mogadishu during the early 1990s US intervention in Somalia, has shipped to retail stores in the US. The game follows members of the Delta Force and US Army Ranger units that undertook raids against the Somali warlords. Black Hawk Down re-creates the dense urban environments that the US forces had to operate in and challenges players to separate civilians from militia members. There are a variety of vehicles that players will ride in for mission insertions, including Black Hawk helicopters, and there are occasions when players must man the .50 caliber guns on top of militia and US ground vehicles.

For more information, consult our full review of the game.

$30.95 on Amazon
$17.03 on Walmart

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