Black Hawk Down demo released

A new demo for Novalogic's tactical shooter is now available, and it includes both single-player and multiplayer missions.


Novalogic has announced that its official demo for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is now available from Nvidia's Web site, with more-general online distribution coming on February 7. The 132MB demo includes one single-player mission called Diplomatic Immunity, which challenges players to recapture a UN building held by the Habr Gadir militia. Two Delta Force teams are inserted by helicopter and must rescue hostages and escort them to a waiting convoy.

The demo also includes a new multiplayer map that is playable online on the NovaWorld Games Network and on a local network. The map is designed for play in the team capture the flag mode, and it features several bridges spanning a central river. Players must cross the river by securing a bridge, and they can work together by using hand signals to direct their squadmates.

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is scheduled for release on March 25. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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