Black Hawk Down demo coming soon

Later this week, NovaLogic will release a multiplayer demo for its upcoming tactical shooter, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.


Following up on the recent 2876431multiplayer beta , NovaLogic will soon release a multiplayer demo for Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. The demo will be available from NovaLogic starting Thursday, September 5. The demo will consist of one map that can be played during the day or night. Humvees drive around the map on a fixed course, and players can jump in to use the .50-caliber machine guns mounted on the vehicles. Players can capture neutral spawn points to give their team additional starting locations. A number of technical changes have been made since the beta, including new weapon ballistics.

Look for more information on the demo later this week. Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is scheduled to ship this October. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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