Black Girl Gamers' Wellness Week Streams Are Underway, Don't Miss Them

From now until June 7, Black Girl Gamers is having chill streams with fundraising efforts for Color of Change and The Bail Project.

Black Girl Gamers, a collective of black women content creators and streamers, is currently running their Wellness Week series of streams and will continue their fundraising efforts until June 7. Throughout this period (and every week), you can catch a number of different streamers on the Black Girl Gamers Twitch channel--you can see the schedule below so you don't miss out on their streams.

Wellness Week is an opportunity for their audience to come to a chill, relaxing stream, but it's also a concerted effort to raise funds for Color Of Change and The Bail Project. Color Of Change creates campaigns to fight injustices and unjust policies that impact Black people, while The Bail Project provides free bail assistance to those in poverty.

Black Girl Gamers' regular streaming schedule.
Black Girl Gamers' regular streaming schedule.

The current stream schedule for Black Girl Gamers features 13 different streamers--and you can check out each of their individual channels below as well:

On Saturday, June 13, they will be holding the Black Girl Gamers Online Summit which will feature panels, keynote speeches, and more. The event kicks off at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT that day which will be streamed live on their Twitch page.

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