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Black Friday 2020: New Resident Evil 4K Movie Collection On Sale For $55

Save big bucks on every live-action Resident Evil movie at Best Buy and Amazon during Black Friday week.


As Black Friday week kicks off in the US, it's that time of year where you can save big on almost everything. The annual day-after-Thanksgiving tradition sees many major retailers drop their prices drastically on hot items in order to get your hard-earned money. And now, the recently released Resident Evil 4K Collection is available to own for under $60.

The six-movie collection features Resident Evil, RE: Apocalypse (theatrical version and an extended cut), RE: Extinction, RE: Afterlife, RE: Retribution, and RE: The Final Chapter. In addition to getting all of the films in Ultra High Definition, there are hours of special features, including some you'll be able to watch for the very first time.

As of this writing, Best Buy will be the best and cheapest way to get the collection for yourself. These recently slashed prices are cheaper than the preorder discounts Amazon was giving back in July, which was $72.

While the Resident Evil film franchise may have deviated from the video gaming series it's based on quite a bit, the first movie has plenty of Easter eggs to the Capcom series to keep you invested. Even if you weren't a fan of this franchise, the future is looking pretty bright for Resident Evil enthusiasts. There is a reboot Resident Evil movie in the works, an animated Netflix series, and a live-action Netflix series as well.

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