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Black Friday 2020: Marvel's Avengers Will Get A Big Discount This Week

This Black Friday deal on Marvel's Avengers is a particularly good one, as the game will receive a free next-gen upgrade in 2021.


Black Friday deals have been rolling out over the past month, but with Thanksgiving week here at least, the event is culminating with some of the best game prices of the year. That includes discounts on video games that released in 2020, Marvel's Avengers among them. If you've yet to pick up the superhero action game, Black Friday is an ideal time to do so. GameStop will have the best Black Friday deal on Marvel's Avengers, dropping it to just $27 USD later this week.

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to get additional content in the near future. In addition to the next-gen versions releasing in 2021, the first Marvel's Avengers DLC character, Kate Bishop, will release next month.

In GameSpot's Marvel's Avengers review, editor Phil Hornshaw wrote, "At times, Marvel's Avengers struggles to unify a thoughtful story focus with a more momentum-based, action-heavy live game system--but both have their good qualities. As with Bruce Banner and the Hulk, it'll be worth sticking with Marvel's Avengers to see how it might reconcile the two halves of its personality in the future to make something even better."

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