Black Eyed Peas getting experienced on Wii, Kinect

Ubisoft publishing new dancing game based on pop-rap group; Ubisoft Quebec handling Wii version, Lips dev working on Xbox 360 edition.


The Black Eyed Peas Experience

Dance games have proven a boon to Ubisoft, with Just Dance and Michael Jackson: The Experience proving to be best sellers for the publisher. Now, the company has announced a new dance-game project with another chart-topping act. Over the weekend, the publisher revealed it is currently working on The Black Eyed Peas Experience with members of the eponymous pop-rap quartet.

The Black Eyed Peas are getting experienced on the Wii and Kinect.
The Black Eyed Peas are getting experienced on the Wii and Kinect.

"Ubisoft has both redefined and dominated the dance category in the video game industry and we can't wait to be part of taking that to the next level by infusing an experience that's 100 percent authentic to The Black Eyed Peas," said Peas lead singer in a statement provided to USA Today. He and the rest of the members of the, Fergie, and Taboo--are lending their likenesses to the game and are currently doing motion-capture work for the title.

Though no release window was set for The Black Eyed Peas Experience, the game was announced for the Wii and Xbox 360's Kinect motion-sensing system. Development of the former version will take place at Ubisoft Quebec, while work on the latter edition is being done by iNiS, the shop behind Lips and Elite Beat Agents. Both versions of the game will let players dance along to the Peas' catalog of hits and will also feature a singing component.

The rhythm genre has proven a lucrative one for Ubisoft. The Just Dance series has sold over 10 million units since premiering with 2009's tepidly reviewed original. That game was followed by the much-improved Just Dance 2, which has sold 5 million copies. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this month, the company announced Just Dance 3 was in development for the Wii, PlayStation Move, and Xbox 360, the latter version also using the Kinect.

For more on The Black Eyed Peas Experience, visit the game's official website.

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