Black & White to get clan support

Lionhead will release a patch next month to add multiplayer clan support and other new features to its 3D strategy game.


Black & White

Lionhead Studios has announced that it will release a patch next month for Black & White, its 3D strategy game. The patch will add full support for multiplayer clans and new winning conditions and other options for multiplayer games. The developer plans to release the patch on July 13. To compliment the upcoming clan support, Lionhead will also launch a clan section on the official Black & White Web site, where players can set up, join, and view clans.

Black & White was released by Electronic Arts in March 2001 and received critical acclaim for its innovative premise, advanced graphics, and unusual gameplay elements. Players assume the role of a god, and they must use their powers and their pet creature to attract followers on a small island. For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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