Black & White: The Future

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux gives GameSpot exclusive details on the future of Black & White, including news on which add-ons to expect in the coming weeks.


Although North American gamers have been playing Black & White for only a little over a week, the development team at Lionhead Studios is already looking at how it can support the game with future add-ons. Yesterday, in preparation for Friday's extensive feature story, The Final Hours of Black & White, GameSpot's Geoff Keighley caught up with Peter Molyneux to discuss the team's immediate plans.

GameSpot: Now that the team is starting to return from vacation, what are the plans for patches and add-ons to Black & White?

Peter Molyneux: The team has just returned from a well earned three weeks of holiday and will now be focusing on two areas. The first is a patch fixing a couple of the most crucial bugs. After that, we have a rollout plan for a number of add-ons:

LAN Spawn: Ability to play games over a LAN with only one CD.

Creature Dancing: Creature dancing to MP3 music or CD music.

Village Banter: Ability to zoom in and hear villagers talking to each other.

Soccer: Villagers play soccer if their relaxation is high.

Sandbox Land: A landscape with no computer opponent to allow the player to play around.

Map Editor: Enables people to create their own landscapes.

Creature Skin Editor: Allows players to create their own creature skins and use them in multiplayer.

GS: That's quite an ambitious list of add-ons. How are you going to roll them out?

PM: These add-ons will be rolled out on regular basis, hopefully around once a week. We are going to ask the fans to vote on which add-on they want first. This still has to be set up, but I suggest anyone who is interested should check on, as this is where voting will take place. For example, we will post a list of several new spells, and the fans can vote on which one we should develop.

GS: Fans will find out more about your future plans for Lionhead in Friday's Behind the Games feature, but in the meantime, can you tell us if there are plans for an add-on disc for Black & White?

PM: Yes, we are also planning an add-on disc. Further details about this will be announced in the next three weeks.

Stay tuned to GameSpot for more information on the future of Black & White. Tomorrow, in our exclusive Behind the Games feature, you'll get an unprecedented look inside Lionhead during the final days of Black & White's development. In addition, Molyneux will reveal the first details on Lionhead's next projects, including Black & White 2.

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