Black & White on target for the PlayStation

Lionhead Studios has announced that Black & White will be released for Sony's 32-bit console later this year.


Black & White

In a recent issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, screenshots for Lionhead Studios' Black & White for the PlayStation were revealed. The report stated that Black & White will be released for the PlayStation in Q4 of this year. Electronic Arts, the company that published the PC version of Black & White, stated that its agreement with Lionhead Studios only extends to the PC version of the game. GameSpot has uncovered that Midas Interactive will publish Black & White for the PlayStation and it is currently scheduled for release in June in North America.

Black & White, the "god game" that was recently released for the PC, places players in the role of a deity that must oversee and influence its people. Players begin the game by choosing an animal figurehead (titan). Players then inflict pain upon or reward the figurehead based upon how they wish the society to unfold. We'll have more on Black & White for the PlayStation when it becomes available.

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