Black & White development update

Lionhead Studios releases an update on the progress of the console versions of Black & White and hints at a possible handheld version of the game.


Mark Webley, director at Lionhead Studios, recently posted an update on the status of the upcoming multiplatform versions of its strategy game Black & White on the Liongames Web site. The Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox versions of the game are currently in development in-house and are on schedule to be completed by June 2002. The releases will follow later in the year. The Sony PlayStation version of the game has been in development for some time and should be completed in 2-3 months, according to Webley. Finally, Webley revealed that Lionhead Studios is considering the merits of developing a handheld version of Black & White, but those plans are in the early stages at this time.

"We are also working with another team to see if we can get a Game Boy Color or a Game Boy Advance version of Black & White underway, but this is proving to be a hard thing to get moving," Webley said.

As reported, the Dreamcast version of Black & White was recently dropped from Sega's release list and was ultimately cancelled. Its development cycle closely mirrored that of the PlayStation version, meaning it was nearing completion.

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