BizSpots: BlizzCon, Sony, Capcom, Nyko

Tickets on sale for Blizzard's expo; PSP redesign reports semi-quashed; Italian studio bringing MotoGP 07 on PS2; peripheral-maker catering to Elite.


Time to get your BlizzCon on!
Time to get your BlizzCon on!

BlizzCon tickets on sale now
Those eagerly waiting to don their elven garb and mingle with other likeminded individuals will be pleased to know tickets for BlizzCon 07 are now on sale through the company's Web site. Set for August 3-4 in Anaheim, California, the event this year will feature developer Q&As, tournaments, costume, machinima, and character soundalike contests, a silent auction, and a live orchestra performance. Tickets are priced at $100, which may not be as expensive as it appears, considering swag given out at the last event is still fetching a hefty haul on Internet auction sites. Currently announced goodies include a beta key for an upcoming Blizzard game and a Murloc suit for use in World of Warcraft.

Sony rep says PSP redesign is rumor only
Last week, speculation over a recently updated Sony Ericsson patent reinvigorated rumors that a PlayStation Portable phone was on the way. In a post made to Sony's newcommunity-outreach tool PlayStation.Blog, senior marketing manager John Koller "cleared the air" by stating that the rampant speculation and rumors are just that-- speculation and rumors. However, those hoping for a redesigned PSP should not necessarily give up hope. In his post, Koller only says that Sony has not announced a new PSP, which is far short of ruling out any future design tweaks.

Italian developer set to bring MotoGP 07 to PS2
At Capcom's Gamers' Day last April, the publisher announced it had secured the rights from Namco to publish MotoGP games on PlayStation platforms. As Namco was both publisher and developer of previous PlayStation MotoGP games (THQ owns the Xbox 360 and PC rights), it was at the time left unknown who the new developer would be. Today, Capcom has announced that Italian shop Milestone will be on PlayStation 2 development duties for its newly acquired speedbike racing series. Far from inexperienced, Milestone's recent work includes SBK'07 - Superbike World Championship for the PlayStation 2, which was released last May in Europe (a PSP version is due out in the territory later this year). The PS2 version of MotoGP 07 is slated for a fall release.

Nyko now offering Elite-colored cooler and charger
Gamers who have purchased Microsoft's $479 Xbox 360 Elite need no longer fret over color-uncoordinated peripherals. Los Angeles-based Nyko Technologies today announced it would be offering a redesigned Intercooler EX and Charge Station. In addition to the new black finish, the Intercooler EX improves upon the locking mechanism of the company's older model. Nyko's Charge Station, which includes two rechargeable battery packs and a dual-port charger, will also be colored black to match the Elite. Both peripherals are available through Nyko's Web site, with the Intercooler EX going for $19.99 and the Charge Station priced at $29.99.

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