Bizarre Pokemon Sword & Shield/Roku Issue Has Been Fixed

Trying to catch them all could crash your Roku devices.


A strange interference bug that caused "a limited number of Roku devices" to crash and enter a boot loop has been fixed. Stranger still, the bug was caused by Game Freak's newest Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Apparently, Pokemon Sword & Shield and Roku devices share the exact same network. Because both listen to the port 26037, and Pokemon Sword & Shield constantly searches for nearby consoles and players, some have theorized that this is where the problems occurred. Roku can't update the other hardware on the same network while the Switch looks around for challengers, whether the console is in the same room as the Roku device or not.

Roku has rolled out a firmware update for its devices that should address this bizarre issue. You can check for the update by going into Settings > System > Software Update. The company also shared detailed instructions if you're currently stuck in a boot loop. Roku suggests powering off or putting your Switch in airplane mode before turning your Roku device on, at which point you can install the update.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launched on November 15 for Nintendo Switch. Both titles have received relatively high marks, with our own review giving them a collective 9/10.

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