Bizarre No Man's Sky Livestream Happening Now As Part Of Alternate-Reality Game

What could it mean?


A complicated, enigmatic No Man's Sky alternate-reality game has been in progress since June, and fans currently believe that it points to a big new update coming this month. Today, the ARG got even more mysterious: a livestream is underway right now, but there's no word yet on what it'll reveal.

The livestream is hosted by the Twitch account Waking Titan--the name of the ARG--and at the time of this writing, it shows a computer set up with the words "Test Scenario Inactive" visible on a monitor.

Strangely, on the desk is a cage with a hamster in it. According to a Waking Titan memo, this hamster is called "Subject M-N00-dl35" and is part of some sort of test. The memo reassures viewers that the animal faces no danger and won't be exposed to anything harmful.

If you're interested in reading more about the ARG and the efforts to solve it, check out the No Man's Sky subreddit thread on it here. There's no official word yet on what the August update might include; developer Hello Games has been tight-lipped about the game since its previous update in March. But fans speculate from hints in the ARG that it'll feature a new species, among other additions.

If it is a content drop that's being teased, it'll be the third such update since No Man's Sky's release last year. The first, called the Foundation Update, added base-building and frigates, while the second added land vehicles.

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