Bit.Trip Saga collected for 3DS

All six of Gaijin Games' downloadable Wii rhythm action games compiled for retail release this summer on Nintendo's new handheld.


Nintendo's brand-new handheld is wasting no time going retro, as Aksys Games today announced that a compilation of Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip series of chiptune-infused WiiWare games will be released on the 3DS. Titled Bit.Trip Saga, the compilation will include all six of the developer's Bit.Trip games to date--Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux--all with full 3D support.

Bit.Trip Fate is a side-scrolling on-rails shooter.
Bit.Trip Fate is a side-scrolling on-rails shooter.

With simple graphics, challenging gameplay tied to a soundtrack of Atari 2600-like bleeps, and a faceless mascot in CommanderVideo, the Bit.Trip series of games offer stylized nods to a variety of arcade classics in their gameplay, bosses, and more.

Aksys plans to have Bit.Trip Saga on store shelves this summer. For more on the specific games included, check out GameSpot's reviews of Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Void, and Bit.Trip Runner.

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Avatar image for jedinortd_basic

hmm all i own is beat. I think i will have to get this

Avatar image for goggle1

If they put some extra bits in this game it will be a must-buy for me

Avatar image for iceyyyy

Awsome, can't wait to play Runner in 3D :).

Avatar image for game-ster23

Great deal right here.

Avatar image for 19Gam3NErD91

why just on 3ds ? i'd love to have it on my wii or pc

Avatar image for deactivated-5b8af105f0309

That's awesome. I probably shouldn't complain about this since I own a 3DS but why isn't there a Wii version? Whatever, I'll probably give it a try anyway.

Avatar image for emirblade

Bit.Trip on the go? Epic. Oh, and in 3D :)

Avatar image for nitzan_z

that's great! I've played the demos of beat and fate and they were great, and I also finished runner on my pc and it was awesome. I'm sure I'll get it once I'll get a 3DS

Avatar image for franzito

Retro is what Nintendo is getting specialized

Avatar image for mattg90520

Considering I bought the first off Steam for ten bucks and have wanted to play the rest, 40 bucks seems fine. Hopefully, it will be price lower, maybe 35, hopefully 30 since its just rereleases

Avatar image for packtop

Saw all the game on youtube and 40$ is way to much for me considaring i can play load of flash game similar to that for free on the web 20$ is the max i would be willing to play for them.

Avatar image for GCwasthebestsys

only bought 2 of them during my wii-playing daze and am still super-hyped and getting this on day one. Sound on 3ds is solid especially with headphones, so i'm not worried about the downgrades there too much. Considering these games are so built around the music. 3d will be cool when you wanna turn it on. 2d games work better on 3d IMO so far from what i've seen with 3ds. this is a must-buy if you ask me. especially if you never tried these games on wiiware. also if you enjoy good music, especially great beats and slow building grooves, you will absolutely love these games. only problem here is that i played the wiiware versions on bigscreen tvs with a room built on its sound system. and they will likely release this same compilation on "wii2".... but i'm still gonna get it i'm sure. 6 great, creative, new-age games.

Avatar image for ScionofEntropy

Not bad. Might be worth a buy, considering I've yet to play any of these.

Avatar image for mariostar0001

For the three people besides me who care, it's cheaper too. $42 for all six games on Wiiware, only $40 for a 3DS title (neither including tax). Plus the 3DS has optional 3-D.

Avatar image for Gamingclone

Sweet, the only bit trip game I got was the first, and it was harder than anything I played before that. I cant wait to play all of them!

Avatar image for Coolyfett

looks like a fun game to play....

Avatar image for Flint247

The 3DS just keeps getting better and better. :D

Avatar image for hotdiddykong

Heh, already the 3DS is getting the variety the DS was known for...

Avatar image for gohoanq

I never bothered with the series, but it's honestly always interested me to a certain extent. So I'll probably be picking this up when it releases.

Avatar image for Rod90

OMG!! This news made my day!! Absolutely great; must buy for the 3DS.

Avatar image for CyberKlown28

Never got to play these so awesome.

Avatar image for jecht_35

never played the bit trip series so maybe I'll get this to have all of them in one convenient cartridge, are they any good just curious?

Avatar image for nickythenewt21

Goddammit. Another game for my 3DS that I have to buy. Man, at this rate, my other systems are going to be collecting dust for quite some time.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce72effd6960

Epic! All Bit.Trip awesome in one!

Avatar image for Nintendo_Ownes7

I need to get this I didn't download them so I will purchase this I only played the demo of one Bit Trip game I forget which one it was.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

since i didnt download them i can buy them all on one cart!

Avatar image for sonic-boom

Unreal, this makes my day

Avatar image for Litchie

That is one sweet ass compilation. Quite possibly must have this..

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

sounds amazing, but i'm not sure there's a point in me owning it since i already own the games :|

Avatar image for IslandBros15

Nice! I'll be getting it, hopefully.

Avatar image for LaytonsCat

surprised this hasn't been done sooner

Avatar image for kjhg53

Win. I'm totally getting this.

Avatar image for iAmAbel

um ok...

Avatar image for gc88

that is awesome