Bit.Trip Complete collecting on Wii this summer

Retro-style rhythm bundle announced for Nintendo's console, packs in all six WiiWare games, soundtrack CD, new difficulty levels, leaderboard support, and more.


While Nintendo is looking to its console future with the Wii U, Gaijin Games is focusing on the original Wii with a Bit.Trip compilation pack.

Bit.Trip Complete will be released alongside the 3DS's Bit.Trip Saga this summer.
Bit.Trip Complete will be released alongside the 3DS's Bit.Trip Saga this summer.

Gaijin Games recently announced Bit.Trip Complete, a new compilation pack due out this summer on store shelves for the Wii. The game will pack in all six Bit.Trip retro-style rhythm WiiWare games--Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux--as well as a number of goodies.

All six games are receiving new difficulty levels, 120 new challenges, and exclusive audio and image galleries. Additionally, Gaijin is packing in six letters from series director Alex Neuse, online leaderboard functionality, and a soundtrack CD in the Complete edition.

Bit.Trip Complete won't be the only way to play all six games in one package, however. Gaijin is also bringing Bit.Trip Saga to the 3DS this summer, where the games will make use of the portable's 3D functionality.

Aksys Games--which handled publishing duties of all Bit.Trip WiiWare games--is also publishing Bit.Trip Complete. Aksys plans to have Bit.Trip Complete on store shelves this summer. For more on the specific games included, check out GameSpot's reviews of Bit.Trip Beat, Bit.Trip Core, Bit.Trip Void, and Bit.Trip Runner.

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Avatar image for josecer

I love Bit.Trip

Avatar image for blackace

Very Cool. I might have to pick this up. My Wii needs something new and fresh on it right about now.

Avatar image for fkbwii

This is great! I've only played Runner.

Avatar image for HyruleanLink

Very nice!

Avatar image for nitzan_z

awesome! I'll probably be getting this since I only played runner

Avatar image for starfox15

I want a price tag. I'll bite if it's around $20. I've always been interested in the series, but I kind of felt like they'd do something like this. I'm pleasantly surprised at the abundance of new features and I'm actually excited for a Wii game once again.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

This is good news a nice swan song for Wii

Avatar image for xrtlop

I'd never been that interest in Bit.Trip games before, but this looks too good to pass up.

Avatar image for Hungry_Homer111

A collection like this, with just the games as they were, for a somewhat low price ($20-30) would have been great. But add on the extra challenges, the new difficulty modes, the soundtrack, and other additions (both in-game and in the package) makes this a must-buy for me even at full-price.

Avatar image for mattg90520

@holtrocks Granted, Wii is full of games for the casual gamer, but have you ever played any of these games? They are brutally difficult. The DS always had a spate of good games for the core gamer, so be careful when you overgeneralize unless you brought your flame shield along today.

Avatar image for Gamingclone

120 new challenges? and other neat stuff? omg awesome! If I get a job I'll get this.

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Ok let me rephrase Nintendo lost ME when the wii came out and now all they do is go for the casual gamers.

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@almossbb - *brofist*

Avatar image for PoindeJ

Hmm, for how much? The soundtrack CD is probably what makes this worth it above all else.

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@holtrocks LOL your funny newb

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awesome, good thing i waited before downloading any bit trip games LOL

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Oh cool collections always have good perks in gifts and stuff.

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Haha. "The bad" in the GS reviews are something like this...1st game: no online leader boards, only three levels. 2nd: No online leader boards, still, only three levels, still. 3rd: Still no online leaderboards, still only three levels. This one looks like it will get a great score.

Avatar image for Super-Poke-Bros

I love Bit.Trip, but mostly the platforming ones (not the void and others like that)

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That's awesome.

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yes, the best games on wiiware are now even more awesome

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The guy below me is a newb.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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