Bitcoin Can Now Be Traded for Xbox One Games

Unregulated digital currency can now be used across Microsoft’s suite of services and platforms, from Windows Phone to Xbox Music.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

Microsoft has updated its marketplace to allow users to purchase games and content with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows games, along with other media and content, can now be bought with the digital currency.

Those who use Bitcoin can visit the Microsoft Billing webpage and add the currency to their account, which can then be used across a range of services such as Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Windows Phone, and Xbox Games.

This makes Microsoft the first games console owner to accept Bitcoin as a legitimate currency.

The trading of Bitcoin began in 2009, and it has since grown to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency in terms of total market value.

The private digital currency is not typically regulated by governments or traditional banking systems.

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