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BioWare's "Five Days of Freebies" Promotion Clarified [UPDATE]

BioWare is holding a contest where you can win games and other items.


[UPDATE] As it turns out, the BioWare "five days of freebies" campaign involves rewteeting BioWare's tweets for a chance to win special gaming items such as this "limited edition signed copy of The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition." We apologize for any confusion caused by this story's original headline.

The original story is below.

RPG developer BioWare is giving away PC games every day this week, leading up to Christmas.

In a tweet, BioWare said its free game promotion will begin on December 20. There are reports that Mass Effect 2 was free on Origin yesterday, December 19, though it's since returned to its normal price. Perhaps the deal went live too early. Keep checking back with GameSpot to find out what BioWare games are free on Origin this week.

If you want a free EA PC game right now, you can pick up the original Dungeon Keeper right here through Origin's On the House promotion.

What BioWare games would you like to see included in the holiday sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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