BioWare teases Mass Effect future

Developer says it has "so much to draw from" for potential future games set in universe, but no decision has been made yet; Mass Effect 3 due next month.


On March 6, Mass Effect 3 will ship for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, marking the end of Commander Shepard's trilogy in the space-bound role-playing series. However, the franchise may live on.

Mass Effect may live on, even if Shepard's narrative ends.
Mass Effect may live on, even if Shepard's narrative ends.

Speaking to OXM, Mass Effect 3 executive producer Michael Gamble teased the future of the Mass Effect series, saying BioWare has "so much to draw from" if it decides to make a new game based in that universe.

"Without going down any specific path, you can think of many, many different areas throughout the [intellectual property], throughout the history, where there are large wars to be won, large battles to be had, and a lot of development to be done around where these races came from, how they came about," he said.

Gamble said no decisions have been made but reiterated that "the future is wide open" for what the studio could work on from the franchise moving forward.

As for Mass Effect 3, that game is due out on March 6 and has players once again taking on the role of Shepard, who is now on the run from the shadowy pro-human organization Cerberus. To save Earth, Shepard must travel the galaxy trying to rally support from alien civilizations with varying degrees of sympathy.

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