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BioWare squishing Mass Effect 3 bugs

Update to fix facial import bug, as well as game-crashing bugs and connectivity issues; going live today for PC, consoles tomorrow.


Mass Effect 3 is getting a face-lift. BioWare has announced that a patch for the spacefaring role-playing game that fixes the game's facial import bug is headed to the PC today and will hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

BioWare is fixing faces with the latest Mass Effect 3 patch.
BioWare is fixing faces with the latest Mass Effect 3 patch.

The patch will fix issues with Commander Shepard's customized facial features from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 not properly importing to Mass Effect 3. Additionally, the patch fixes game-crashing bugs and connectivity concerns.

For a full list of fixes coming to Mass Effect 3 with the new patch, check out the post on BioWare's website.

Debuting alongside the patch will be free Mass Effect 3 DLC titled the Resurgence Pack. Due out on April 10 for all systems (April 11 for European PlayStation 3 users), the multiplayer-themed content brings new characters, weapons, and maps to Mass Effect 3.

More free DLC for Mass Effect 3 is slated to arrive this summer in the form of Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut. The content aims to address fans' concerns regarding the Mass Effect 3 endgame by providing "greater context," but no new endings.

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