BioWare picks up Perpetual tech for MMOG

Austin branch of Neverwinter Nights developer licenses platform from Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising creators.


Last year, BioWare revealed that it was working on a massively multiplayer online role-playing game at its new Austin studio. Last month, it was reported that the company had a 2009 release date in mind for the project. Today, the company announced some of the technology it will use to support the game: Perpetual Entertainment's online technology platform.

The Perpetual Entertainment Platform offers support and service for online games. These services include game feature extension, load-balancing, lobby servicing, and patching. As per today's agreement, BioWare intends to use Perpetual's technology for online game operations, infrastructure development, community support, and more.

Perpetual's online technology platform is the third middleware solution BioWare has turned to for its as-yet-unnamed MMOG. Last August, the Edmonton, Alberta-based developer announced it had licensed Simutronics' HeroEngine for use in its as-yet-unnamed MMOG. According to a Perpetual representative, "Perpetual Entertainment Platform complements HeroEngine in providing services and capabilities that extend and enhance players' experience online." HeroEngine will also be featured in Simutronics' own MMOG, Hero's Journey, slated to be released later this year.

In June, BioWare's technical director Bill Dalton revealed the upcoming MMOG would employ enterprise software from StreamBase Systems. The software will be used to identify cheaters, prevent code hacks, and keep track of the game's customer base, as well as provide "complex event processing" to sustain massive game-wide events involving thousands of players.

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