BioWare Is Celebrating Mass Effect Songs On Twitter In New Music Series

The studio is sharing "Mass Relays," a series of Twitter posts comprising of songs from the sci-fi epic.


Developer BioWare is teasing the airwaves with some cryptic Mass Effect-related tweets. The studio is posting tracks from its sci-fi epic with the hashtag "Mass Relays," providing no context for what these messages mean--other than simply sharing music from the Mass Effect series.

BioWare began making these posts back in January, with tweets coming every so often featuring music from one of the three Mass Effect games. The latest, above, is "The Citadel," a song from the first game's official soundtrack. A cursory search on Twitter for "Mass Relays" pulls nothing substantial, just tweets from users curious about what it all means. And a search on Reddit brings up speculation about a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster.

It's worth noting that mass relays, as far as the Mass Effect universe is concerned, are mass transmit devices throughout the Milky Way that allow for interstellar travel.

Further, it's unclear what any of these tweets mean. BioWare has not clarified what the hashtag is supposed to do, and there is currently no announced Mass Effect project in the works.

In other BioWare news, the studio is in the midst of overhauling its looter-shooter Anthem. These updates, which still remain unknown for now, are taking a little longer than expected. BioWare said the Anthem redesign will be a long process, with the studio only assigning a small team of 30 people to handle what is effectively Anthem 2.0.

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