BioWare Dev Wants Ideas for Mass Effect Trilogy Remake

Next-gen remaster under consideration, though not officially confirmed.

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A senior executive at BioWare Edmonton is looking into the possibility of developing a remastered version of the Mass Effect Trilogy for next-generation systems, and wants fans to offer their ideas.

Aaryn Flynn, general manger of the BioWare studio, wrote on the games forum NeoGAF his personal preferences for a remake. They include:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 60 frames-per-second
  • High-res textures "especially on ME1"
  • Shader improvements
  • All the DLC

In addition, Flynn said the trilogy should be a "seamless experience," in that each game will flow into the next without the need to carry save files over.

Further along in the NeoGAF thread, the developer goes on to directly answer some fan requests, such as the idea of "seamlessly" implementing DLC levels and challenges.

He was also honest with his disagreement with some requests, such as rebuilding the first game with the combat system used in its sequels.

"The 'ME3 combat mechanics in ME1' request comes up relatively often, but it's not on my radar," he wrote.

"First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of 'retconning' ME1. Third (and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this), there are those who prefer ME1... So given that all that, it doesn't feel like the right thing to do."

BioWare, and its owner Electronic Arts, has not formally announced that it is developing a Mass Effect Trilogy remake. Yet Flynn openly discussing such a project suggests it could be in the pipeline.

On Friday at 10am Pacific (6pm UK), BioWare will host a live-streamed developer roundtable to discuss the future of the franchise. However, there is no certainty that a Mass Effect trilogy remake would be annouced at the event.

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Avatar image for 4love10

Rockstar make a remastered version of the GTA V for next-generation systems and make lots of moneys,Bioware have the same ideas,unfortunatly i don't own next gen console,i'm a PC Supremacist, i remastered ME Triology for PC will not work,too much HD mods for ME3,ME2,ME on PC , i have all 3 games fully HD moded.

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Here's an idea: MAKE THE GAME!

Avatar image for blindbsnake

<< LINK REMOVED >> They don´t know how to do a game anymore...

Avatar image for paparolo

"The 'ME3 combat mechanics in ME1' request comes up relatively often, but it's not on my radar,"

More like "This is a remaster not a remake, sorry but we are just copy/pasting assets to next-gen not rebuilding the game, that would cut the profit margin from the 60 bucks we gonna charge for it"

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the list is pretty good. Upgrade character models to 4K textures and take a cue from the TR definitive edition. They completely remodeled Lara's face to make it more next-gen like. Do the same for at least shepherd and his companions. Add more atmospheric effects to the game environments as well.

Avatar image for edhc44

Here's my idea: skip the remake, focus on the new game.

Avatar image for thehig1

Couldn't agree more, the original trilogy is done now let's move on and hopefully have more games that just as good

Avatar image for novaprime1985

1. Provide ME2 with an actual end game life, after the Collector base, there's not much left going for it despite the DLC which are atleast an hours worth of play each
2. Make the Reapers look like they did at the end of ME2, not having all the Capital ships looking like Sovereign
3. INCLUDE HAESTROM!!!!! seriously its a wasted venture in ME2
5. Keep ME1's RPG mechanics, and bring them forth towards ME2 & 3, I.E. weapon & armor mods that ME1 brought to the table, ME1 had far more diversity & choices than ME2&3 combined
6. Bring back the Mako, modernize it, same with the Hammerhead in ME2 and get rid of its paper-mache armor, make it a damn tank for crying out loud
7. get rid of the excessive pointless fetch quests that ME3 had, make the ME3 universe worth exploring (yes I know its a Reaper invasion and all, but if they want to pass off the BS that the Crucible was hidden during the entire invasion, then Shepard should be able to travel the galaxy with ease
8. Make the Reapers BAD ASS like they were made out to be in ME1, Vigil claimed that they exterminated races, & destroyed worlds, neither happened in ME3
9. Get rid of the War Assets BS or make it actually mean something for the final battle rather than having 2 different cinematic's
10. make the ME2 crew be either usable characters in ME3 or have more substance, they wasted an entire character development with Jack only to have her make a damn Cameo, give me a break
11. make character appearances customization an option, I.E. give me the option to slap some armor on Miranda rather than her wandering around in a swimsuit, SERIOUSLY COME ON!

12. screw it, just get rid of the damned Crucible, it was a horrid Deus ex machina in ME3 which lead to a very piss poor conclusion
13. Mass Effect is claimed to be about choice, but yet its proven to be an illusion of choice, the only thing that choices did was change dialogue and some events, but in the end, nothing had substance, nothing had value, if i want to join Cerberus then why the hell cant I? its claimed that this is your Shepard YOUR CHOICE yet we're still on rails and giving this perception that what we do makes a difference, what if i wanted to be a willing servant to the Reapers? what if i wanted Human dominance but excluding & exterminating the Cerberus element all together?, you see CHOICES!
15. NO MORE AUTO DIALOGUE!!!!! ME3 was a travesty because of it!!!
16. seriously, put more love into ME2, its very hollow and it doesnt last long at all

Avatar image for Superabound

.....or you could just play the original games on PC, which are already 1080p at 60fps

Avatar image for TrenchcoatFlash

FFS, just make a new game.

When a new gen of consoles comes out your first idea shouldn't be "let's just remake the same games we've milked to death!" That's supposed to happen when we can feel some nostalgia in 4 or 5 years. We've all just played them, and played them to death to try something different in each ending we got. The last thing we want is to have the same thing crammed down our throats yet again because you can't be arsed to come up with something new.

Avatar image for ArnoldSideways

They want the opportunity to go back and screw up the first 2...

Avatar image for Hordriss

<< LINK REMOVED >> It sounds like they have no intention of that.

Avatar image for Armin_Devil_PS3

It will be AWESOME .

Avatar image for jonnyboy696969

This would be pointless. Even an ancient computer can run all three games on PC at 1080p and 60 fps. You can literally make ME3 look next gen (better actually) by adding 4k textures and anti aliasing. Just get on with ME4. The sooner the better and please god don't forget the ME roots and go all mainstream on us.

Avatar image for ferna1234

there's one: Don't remaster it and try doing something fresh new.
No? too difficult?

Avatar image for blindbsnake

<< LINK REMOVED >> To them? Yes it is difficult... almost impossible...

Avatar image for sambucca

Here's an idea; don't remaster it. I'm sick of remasters.

As awesome as this trilogy was, it's been and gone. Let's move on to ME4.
Avatar image for tej89

All of this has been possible for years on the PC. I created an account just to say I knew this was bound to happen eventually with all the games that have been getting remastered treatment lately.

First of all, yes Mass Effect was a great series but with the absence of the two Doctors I don't think it will ever be the same again.

Secondly when Bioware put all three game into a trilogy a couple years back they still left out $100+ of DLC.out of the packaged. I think some may not have been released at the time but still.

Again I could play Mass Effect at 1080p at 60 fps since 2010. Come up with a new game! Stop with the remasters!!!

Avatar image for vadagar1

also read some good novels and stop watch M night shamlamadingdong movies, everyone thinks twists are all the rage, they are not, twists are for 5 year old children that still pick their noses

Avatar image for herrmoekl

<< LINK REMOVED >> finally someone that speaks the truth. hollywood is obsessed with twists but to me they are on the wrong way...

Avatar image for vadagar1

wow ... just dont just dont

ME 3 was really mediocre at best .... horrible "side quests" horrible pacing horrible plot holes and just plane horrible

Avatar image for Hordriss

<< LINK REMOVED >> Each to their own. Personally I loved ME3. Not quite as much as I loved ME2, but I still though it was fantastic.

Avatar image for ShadowOfKratos

Here's an idea for the Trilogy Remake:

Don't make it!

We're tired of past gen remakes on current gen.

Focus on Mass Effect 4 with better endings instead.

Avatar image for theotherjeff

<< LINK REMOVED >> and by better endings, that doesn't just mean a more varied colour palette.

Avatar image for johncas89

Render tali's face, thats all im asking

Avatar image for TheGreatGhoul

Please find something else to find ressources to evolve instead of planets scanning.

It was sooooooo boring.

At least, don't force us to do it again on a new game +

Im one of the greatest fans of this serie but damn I hate scanning planets in these games, its so lame.

A cheap and easy way to add more hours into a game instead of substance.

The rest is awesome.

Avatar image for Hordriss

<< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed, the planet scanning was the worst thing. How about resource grabbing missions where you actually land on the planets, and shoot up some hostiles along the way? Or make them sidequests on the main missions when you're on a planet.

Avatar image for TheGreatGhoul


Yes it would be way better indeed.

Even if its some king of copy/paste environments it will be more entertaining and it will never be worst than Dragon Ages 2 for that.

Avatar image for theotherjeff

<< LINK REMOVED >> Totally agree, but I still spent a ridiculous amount of time scanning planets even if I didn't need the resources I was going to get.

Avatar image for PCsama

<< LINK REMOVED >> well said buddy

Avatar image for Caduceus89

Aside from tweaking combat, inventory management and graphics in ME 1 (I like @Knightshonor83's suggestion about adding flora and fauna to planets in ME 1), I would suggest adding more side missions to ME 3 and tweaking the planet scanning in ME 2 and 3 so that it doesn't feel like pulling nails (ME 2) or like an afterthought (ME 3).

Avatar image for RS13

Scrap ME3 and come up with a completely different story line. I don't want Kai Lang, I don't want Freddie Prince or IGN girl, I don't want the reapers to be the pawns of a cliche in glowing dead kid's body, I don't want to run around the galaxy collecting a glorified bodyguard for Liara's galaxy saver bomb, and I don't want the reapers to leave the only door to only way to use Liara's galaxy saver bomb so wide open that I can stumble through it at a rate that my grandma stand still considers slow--and she's dead.


Avatar image for CrackDima

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sounds like you are on a discussion forum for a game you never liked. Why don't you spend more time with the things you DO enjoy?

Avatar image for theotherjeff

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I think he did enjoy the Mass Effect series and that's why he's suggested that.

The star kid ending managed to negate any choices you had made previously in the series (Except for the krogan's genophage choices, which had already been rendered pointless and thus couldn't be), and instead relied on how many side missions and MP excursions you did to increase your readiness. The reapers didn't have the "imposing doom" vibe, they should have had with the build up from the previous games and all the characters in the game reflect it, the only one who shows any concern that they're invading is shepard.

I won't go as far as << LINK REMOVED >> and say scrap ME3 altogether, though they should scrap everything after being teleported to the crucible near the end.
Bioware needs to maintain consequences of previous choices, have everyone else in the universe actually be concerned / worried that the reapers are destroying civilizations unopposed. And give Marauder Shields a proper epic scenario in which to face off against Shepard

Avatar image for aPHAT

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> But that would make too much sense. Can't have people on the internet be doing things that make sense.

Avatar image for knightshonor83

ME1- Graphics upgrade and slight tweak to the combat. Add flora and fauna on all the planets and make the Mako operable. Upgrade video output and framerate.

ME2- Nearly close to being a perfect game. Upgrade video output and framerate

ME3- Please fix the running animation and I would love to be able to holster my weapon again (let me decide when I enter a combat situation by drawing my weapon. for immersion). Bring back ME2 Combat animations, ME3 was wonky. Last but not least, a couple of obvious story tweaks and make all my previous decisions matter more with finality.

Avatar image for Derpalon

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed ME3's animations were stiff and choppy compared to ME2, and I would definitely like to be able to choose when I holster my weapons again. As an RPG I don't understand why they felt the need to take such a simple and easily implementable feature away.

Avatar image for Them_Apples

If you do the following three things, I will buy it. I you do not, I won't.

1. Finally create an ending that does the series justice.

2. Finally create an ending that does the series justice.

3. Finally create an ending that does the series justice.

Avatar image for Freboy

<< LINK REMOVED >> Agree. If the whole point of re-making the ME series is fixing the ending, then it could be worth it.

Avatar image for redskinStu

Can't they come up with something new? Why don't they just remaster something from the Intellivision or Colecovision.

Avatar image for Ruppe21

I'd rather have they stick that effort and money in the sequel or spin off they were always going on about.

I already have the trilogy on pc and xbox and I'm not buying a g1 me a 7th time.

Avatar image for zintarr

Change the M3 $%#$% ending and I will buy it!

Shep can die, its not about that, the end was just crap.

Also, the space ghost needs to go!

Avatar image for Law2309

They should bundle Mass Effect 1 with Dragon Age Origins 'cause those games where made when Bioware had some artistic integrity left...good old times

Avatar image for osxgp

<< LINK REMOVED >> Prior to EA buying Bioware

Avatar image for santinegrete

I really liked the concept of using the right ammo, but you just simplified that in ME3, where all the ammo types is useful and just aggregates to base damage instead of having a real purpose.

All DLC must be in, from the essential to the superfluos.

Avatar image for Peter_Eater

First & foremost- Two letters: AI

NPC AI really drove me insane. Countless times my squadmates stood like idiots outside cover and I was forced to fight battles on my own.

Second: Thermal clips- Only Shepard was running out of ammo. Everyone else was happily firing away, while I was left unable to use my primary weapon(s). At least enable carrying more clips. I preferred ME1 heat-dissipation system.

Finally, ME2 - fix that game. It is by far the worst combat system of the three.

Avatar image for Atzenkiller

I wonder: do devs actually enjoy doing these remakes or remasters instead of new games? Who cares about this anymore? There's already a collection for PS3 with improved graphics for the first game.

If people weren't buying the same stuff over and over and over again developers would actually have an incentive to work on new games instead. But as long as they do a "remaster" with slightly improved graphics will always be more profitable than creating a completely new game.

Avatar image for knightshonor83

<< LINK REMOVED >> I own the trilogy on 360 and recently got it on PS3, but so far there isn't a noticeable difference with the graphics, other than the framerate being slightly better in a couple of spots on PS3 version. Also on PS3, the Load times are horrible, even longer than 360, at least for ME1

If they do a substantial upgrade, like they did for Tomb Raider...I will throw my money at them

The Team at Bioware is large enough that they can work on ME4, a new IP, and also do a remaster without limiting their focus on any title.