BioWare Dev Says Anthem Isn't Influencing Dragon Age Or Mass Effect

"[W]hen we do a Dragon Age game it will be designed from the ground up based on what Dragon Age should be."

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BioWare's latest project, Anthem, represents a radical departure for the studio, trading many of the elements that made its previous releases so beloved for multiplayer-centric, always-online action gameplay. The title is also a pivotal one for the developer, particularly in light of the disappointing reception its most recent game, Mass Effect Andromeda, received. With much riding Anthem, some have begun to worry that future installments in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series will also be influenced by it, but these fears are unfounded, says BioWare general manager Casey Hudson.

Hudson addressed the concerns on Twitter. "Some weird stuff going around about how our future games will be influenced by Anthem," he wrote. "Of course when we do a Dragon Age game it will be designed from the ground up based on what Dragon Age should be. Same with Mass Effect..."

In a follow-up tweet, Hudson made sure to stress that Anthem stands apart from other BioWare franchises, and that the only influence it will have on other titles the studio develops is strictly related to what it learns in terms of game design. "Anthem is a specific thing that's unique from our other IPs in many ways," he wrote. "What carries forward is what we learn about game design, which is a constant evolution."

New Mass Effect and Dragon Age projects have not been announced, but BioWare has teased that it has secret things in developments.

Anthem casts players in the role Freelancers--soldiers equipped with high-tech exosuits called Javelins. The game has limited dialogue choices and no romance options compared to BioWare's previous RPGs, but despite its emphasis on online multiplayer, players will still be able to play the game solo and impact how their own personal story unfolds through a concept BioWare calls "Our World, My Story." The developer shed more light on how this works in a recent trailer.

Anthem launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22, 2019. Some fans will have a chance to try the game ahead of its release. Publisher EA recently announced it will offer a "VIP demo" of Anthem to EA/Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One and PC on February 1. The demo will also be available to those who pre-order the title on any platform, opening the door for PS4 players to get in as well.

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Avatar image for ddaisy

Anthem is already heavily influenced by DAI. The graphics are really really similar. I know there's bound to be a similar style since it's the same studio and engine but come on. You could show me someone a screenshot of Anthem's scenery without the sci-fi stuff in it and have someone believe they missed an area in DAI. I don't know, the vibe is really really similar. More than it should have been.

Avatar image for cboye18

You don't have a say in that, EA does.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

What a blatant lie. We know resources were pulled away from Andromeda to work on Anthem. It ALREADY influenced Mass Effect.

Avatar image for atrustypinecone

I will never understand why gamers are the most pessimistic bunch out there.

Judging a game before it's even out and judging a company for experimenting with something outside their comfort zone.

Oh no Bio-Ware is releasing a "Destiny-Clone'" with free story DLC. That means this game is going to be terrible and everything else Bio-Ware will ever make will also be terrible. Might as well shut down the company while we're at it. /s


Avatar image for ddaisy


Of course Bioware fans are doubtful and bitter over Anthem!! It would have been one thing for them to make it ALONGSIDE their other titles but they pulled all of their resources from their other (successful) franchises to work on THIS, a title which seems to exhibit none of the Biowareness we usually love and that no one asked for. Reminds me of when I was a kid and each year my parents made me write what I wanted to Christmas but then I'd get nothing but clothes I knew the kids at school would make fun of -_- Why ask me what I want then?

If it wasn't for Anthem, we'be getting DA4 in early 2019 instead... A well made DA4 would have been enough for a lot of BW fans to wash away the aftertaste of Andromeda (who probably already suffered from resources being pulled to work on Anthem anyway). The DA4 delay plus the fact that it's yet an other shooter/sci-fi game (ME had their turn, time for dragons and elves!!) is enough for me to not want to play it.

Avatar image for smashthestars

@atrustypinecone: I was just laughing about this with a co-worker, you would think by the comments in general on here, people here hate video games ironically.

Avatar image for cboye18

@smashthestars: We hate bad video games made by dishonest developers and greedy publishers.

Avatar image for atrustypinecone

@cboye18: You mean you hate a video game before you've even played it, made by a developer you're upset because they didn't make the game you wanted, by a publisher that's been trying to turn their image around but people like you will never let them.

You're the pessimistic gamer I was originally talking about.

Avatar image for streamline

@atrustypinecone: I’m starting to think that people go to the internet to decompress, but end up letting out their real world frustrations on things that don’t matter as much to their real lives, hence all the hate on the internet.

Avatar image for aaronpr0n

Doublespeak worthy of a politician.

I mean, I guess if you think "cancelling any future installments of either franchise after Anthem tanks harder than the Cleveland Browns and EA finally puts the shambling corpse of a once-great studio out of our misery" doesn't count as influence per se, I suppose that statement could be considered somewhere in the vicinity of truthiness...

Avatar image for Barighm
Barighm how this obvious Destiny rip wasn't influenced by the greediness that franchise is getting away with...or how DA: Inquisition DIDN'T get a multiplayer mode totally inspired by ME3's multiplayer mode.

Remember, folks, this is EA.

Avatar image for ghost140

Whatever you say Casey just dont hand em off to another B team.

Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

Great, so they'll find new and unique ways to further bury Dragon Age and Mass Effect rather than simply making them into boring Destiny/Titanfall hybrids.

Wait, lemme guess, the next Mass Effect game will be even more TPS than RPG and include a Battle Royal online multiplayer mode. The next Dragon Age game will further delude the plot and completely destroy any possible sense of immersion the player might experience by constantly bombarding the player with faux-progressive nonsense in a desperate attempt to paint EA as something other than a greedy gaming conglomerate.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Blk_Mage_Ctype: It's kinda sad watching them fail to capture the magic of what made Dragon Age Origins so great over and over again... I'd sacrifice the open world aspect for a Dragon Age sequel as good as the original. Plus Bioware are clearly better at designing linear/semi open hubs instead of big open maps.

Avatar image for Barighm

@gamingdevil800: Well, of course they failed to capture the magic of Origins. This isn't Bioware. This is EA Edmonton. Bioware ceased to exist years ago.

Avatar image for straightcur

Awe, they think they will still be around after Anthem flops.

Avatar image for WarGreymon77

Inquisition was so bad that it made me abandon the Dragon Age Keep and killed all enthusiasm I had for the Dragon Age franchise.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@WarGreymon77: I tried playing it, until I realized I had to approach containers to be able to click on them with my mouse and achieve intended behavior. That and the tactical camera constantly colliding with ceilings made the game virtually unplayable. I would've put up with it, if I cared about the universe.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@asnakeneverdies: The tactical camera felt pretty pointless overall even on the hardest difficulty it by no means helped or improved combat.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@gamingdevil800: The tactical camera would have been very useful in streamlining my experience on the PC platform, had the control scheme implementation been appropriately carried out, Monkey. The game was clearly built with consoles in mind, to its own detriment.

Avatar image for dvdjedi

@WarGreymon77: Oh well. Those of us that enjoyed DA:I won't be shedding any tears for you.

Avatar image for siarhei

Bioware creativity is dead.

Mass Effect 1-3 main plot: rediscovery of ancient alien civilization

Mass Effect Andromeda plot: rediscovery of ancient alien civilization

Anthem plot from what we know: rediscovery of ancient alien civilization

Come on, Bioware, is there anything else you know about Sci-fi?

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@siarhei: It was painful how similar the main antagonists were to the reapers too.

Reapers: Turn everyone into reapers/kill the ones they can't preserve.

Kett: Turn everyone into organic versions of themselves?

Avatar image for siarhei

@gamingdevil800: Oh yeah, you are right! I forgot kett motivations tbh but now that you reminded me they were quite similar lol. :)

The only part that gives me hope for Anthem is that I actually enjoyed ME3 multiplayer despite a ton of RNG lootboxes. So if the combat mechanics are anything like that, I might get it at some point.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@siarhei: How about an ancient rediscovery by aliens?

Avatar image for siarhei

@edwardnygma: Ah, a breath of fresh air! :)

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@siarhei: lol

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Nah; it's cool, Bioware. You just do whatever at this point. Maybe we'll run into each other from time to time on a seasonal sale......or not.

Avatar image for slypher9

Of course it will INFLUENCE DA and others, if Anthem tanks, lots are getting fired and EA will think more hard on doing single player games

they pull staff off other projects to get this right, if it doesn't then BOOOOOM

There hoping to have destiny type success or more...

Avatar image for datriax

Who cares if it is? Not like Dragon Age or Mass Effect will ever worth half a **** ever again anyways.

To say nothing of BioWare's looming demise on the horizon, at the hands of EA.

The writing is on the wall. Anthem is your doom. May as well start looking for a new job now.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@datriax: Most of them did long ago

Avatar image for dont_redirectme

Political answer, waiting to see if Anthem will be successful enough for them to test their AO RPG BS on their other franchises.

Avatar image for Mogan

@dont_redirectme: If the traditional single player RPG isn't paying the AAA bills, that's probably what's going to happen, yeah.