BioWare cofounder plays games with indigenous tribespeople

During trip to Ecuadorian rainforest, Ray Muzyka lends iPad to indigenous people to play air hockey game.


During a recent trip "deep" into the Ecuadorian rainforest, BioWare cofounder Ray Muzyka played iPad games with the Shuar tribespeople.

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On his Flickr page (via Kotaku), Muzyka explained that members of the Shuar tribe shared their traditions and culture with him and then asked Muzyka to share something from his own culture.

Muzyka had his iPad with him and handed it over to allow the tribespeople to play air hockey on the Apple device.

"The indigenous tribespeople and the rest of our group enjoyed playing air hockey together on my iPad, with the local children all taking turns playing until we reluctantly had to call it a night," Muzyka wrote. "That evening was a lot of fun."

Muzyka left BioWare in September 2012 alongside other founder Greg Zeschuk after 17 years with the role-playing game studio. Muzyka is now working on various social impact endeavors, like getting involved with charities in education, health care, and animal rights. Meanwhile, Zeschuk has launched a web series called The Beer Diaries.

BioWare has appointed Matthew Bromberg, former head of BioWare Austin, as the group general manager for the entire BioWare label.

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