BioWare Boss Clarifies Mass Effect: Andromeda "Softcore Porn" Comments

Aaryn Flynn was being sarcastic.


BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn recently spoke about Mass Effect: Andromeda's romantic encounters on Twitter, saying the game is "totally softcore space porn." Now, he's clarified that he was being sarcastic.

In a tweet explaining the earlier tweet, Flynn said, "Sorry, I gave the wrong impression. We have strong characters, great gameplay, romances, and more, all dealing with mature themes."

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Flynn also said on Twitter that Andromeda will have "full nudity," as compared to "partial nudity" from past entries in the series, including Mass Effect 3.

Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You may not have to wait that long to play, however, as a multiplayer beta is expected to launch at some point before then.

In other news, BioWare has confirmed there will be a day one patch and revealed the game's file size.

While you wait for Andromeda to come out, you can check out latest preview and chat with BioWare about the size of the game.

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