BioShock's Ken Levine Working on New Twilight Zone TV-Game Project

Gaming veteran to write and director pilot for CBS, according to new report.


BioShock designer Ken Levine apparently has something new in the works outside of his mysterious upcoming game. The Wrap reports today that Levine is writing and directing the pilot for a new spin on the classic sci-fi mind-twister Twilight Zone. It will reportedly mix TV with gaming, in a way.

The site says CBS, which is GameSpot's parent company, is moving forward with the project, having reached a deal with digital media company Interlude. The project is reportedly a TV show that will play out like an advanced version of a choose-your-own-adventure story. From The Wrap's report:

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"For the coming Twilight Zone revival, Interlude and CBS were vague about the shape it would take, defining it as an 'original interactive project' that will let viewers 'step in and become a part of the story.' Like many of [Interlude's] past creations, it is sure to sew together live-action storytelling with opportunities for the viewer to choose the direction of the narrative.

The new version of Twilight Zone aims to "honor" the original series, but, as stated, will offer some kind of mechanism by which viewers can "change and adapt the story based on what he or she feels." Viewers can also re-watch an episode and make different choices to see how the story plays out in other ways.

One of Interlude's better-known videos was one for Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone," which allowed viewers to virtually channel surf, while the actors lip-synced the song's lyrics. Check it out below.

We will report back with more details on CBS's new Twlight Zone project as they become available. CBS holds the rights to Twilight Zone.

Twlight Zone, created by Rod Serling, ran from 1959-1964, before being revived in the 1980s and then again in the early 2000s for short runs. A Twilight Zone movie was released in 1983.

This isn't Levine's first non-game writing credit, as he was working on the script for a new Logan's Run movie at Warner Bros., but was eventually replaced.

As for his next game, Levine is working on a "smaller, more entrepreneurial" project that we recently learned will have a "small-scale open world." The goal for this project is for it to retain what made BioShock great, but also layer on elements that would make it replayable.

Disclosure: CBS is GameSpot's parent company.

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