BioShock zaps VGAs

2K's dystopian actioner takes top prize at SpikeTV's annual event; Call of Duty 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Rock Band also honored.


Though GameSpot's own Best and Worst of 2007 awards are still over a week away, the year's game-award season kicked off on Friday with SpikeTV's Video Game Awards. Hosted once again by Samuel L. Jackson, the proceedings marked the fifth such annual event. It has also, by nature of being backed by an entire cable network, become the planet's most visible game-awards ceremony.

Though past VGA Game of the Year winners garnered some skepticism, the game that claimed this year's top prize was one of many deserving candidates. A panel of judges, including two current and former GameSpot editors--awarded 2K Games' BioShock (Xbox 360, PC) the year's top prize. The story-driven action title, set in an undersea dystopia, also took home two other prizes--Best Original Score and Best Xbox 360 Game.

BioShock's triumph in the latter category irked many fans of Microsoft-published Halo 3, which had to settle for Best Multiplayer Game and the soft-drink-sponsored, fan-chosen Most Addictive Game prize. Another Microsoft Games Studios Xbox 360 exclusive, Mass Effect, won the Best Role-Playing Game prize.

Though the 360 was well represented, it wasn't the only platform to see exclusives take home top prizes. Wii favorite Super Mario Galaxy won Best Action Game and Best Wii Game, while Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction earned the Best PlayStation 3 Game prize.

With the exception of Best Graphics winner Crysis and Best Handheld Game victor The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, the rest of the VGA winners were multiplatform titles--or in the case of Studio of the Year Harmonix, multiplatform developers. A complete list of winners is below.

Game of the Year
Halo 3
Mass Effect
The Orange Box

Best Shooter
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Halo 3
The Orange Box

Best Action Game
Assassin's Creed
God of War 2
Super Mario Galaxy
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Best Rhythm Game
Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Jam Sessions
Rock Band

Best RPG
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Mass Effect
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Best Driving Game
Forza Motorsport 2
Need for Speed ProStreet
Project Gotham Racing 4

Best Military Game
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
World in Conflict

Studio of the Year
Bungie Studios
Irrational Games

Best Graphics
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Mass Effect

Breakthrough Technology
Halo 3
Rock Band

Best PS3 Game
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Best Wii Game
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario

Best Xbox 360 Game
Halo 3
Mass Effect
The Orange Box

Best PC Game
The Orange Box
World in Conflict

Best Individual Sports Game
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Virtua Tennis 3

Best Team Sports Game
Madden NFL 08
NHL 08
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007

Best Handheld Game
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

Best Game Based on a Movie or TV Show
The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar
Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
The Simpsons Game

Best Soundtrack
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Rock Band

Best Original Score
God of War 2
Halo 3
Mass Effect

Best Multiplayer Game
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Halo 3
Rock Band
The Orange Box

Most Addictive Game Fueled by Dew (Popular Vote)
Halo 3
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Team Fortress 2
Wii Sports

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Tsugoi.... Bioshock is at the top of the list.... I heard it had bad gameplay though (too much repetition)... oh well.... not 2 fond of the game (at least I have the big daddy figurine you get with the game).... I agree with the Crysis being best graphics game (it looks really nice)..... Portal didn't really appeal to me.... Halo 3 is fun against other people (love the infected mode).... also.... many of these games just push the limits of todays standards (gameplay, graphics, storyline),,, there hasn't been anything new introduced (there isn't a lot of new uniqueness that really can be added; most games fail to do that touch because it can be tough to implement new things....) other than that it has been a good year for gaming!!!

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Cant believe Halo 3 Wasnt even in the running for Game of the year, another surprise was the complete absense of Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. Oh well, another year, another million or so games to be released, cant wait, Hangin out for the 12th Feb when Assasins Creed for PC is released in New Zealand,

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Bioshock rocks

Avatar image for Zenwork21

Ridicolous.... Eterna Sonata what? Dirt better than Forza? They must be from another planet or taking some money....

Avatar image for r4v3gl0ry

To Remoraz: When it won the breakthrough technology award, did you even THINK about how unique portal was? You have modern day technology doing two different things: 1. Crysis: Godlike graphics. Big deal. That's what all games are trying to do. 2. Portal: Very original with its game play, and very unique. So, was Crysis really a "breakthrough" game? For the graphics, yes...but...anything else?

Avatar image for IlPadrino12

Crysis is the best game of the year!!!

Avatar image for solidsnake999

God of War 2 deserved best action game award.

Avatar image for batosaims

tengu= call of duty multiplayer>halo 3 multiplayer? um who won the award THATS RIGHT HALO 3 but cod 4 is awsome too

Avatar image for Haklin

How the hell was ETQW not the best multiplayer:S...easily the best.

Avatar image for MKHavoc

I'm so glad Bioshock won GOTY. I've played three of the four nominees. I played through Halo 3 with a friend who owned the game and it felt like more of the same. I loved Orange Box, but I don't think it should have won because Portal was the only I game that was really original, not that I didn't like the other games though.

Avatar image for tengu7667

COD 4 Multiplayer > Halo 3 Mulltiplayer. That is all.

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

Digitz115: Its funny, all your points are invalid. You say its stupid to get upset about this, but you are more upset than anyone it seems. "Did it hurt your pride" lol What? oh and "SHUT UP"...real intelligent. If you notice, I never said I didn't like the game, I just dont believe it was the best of the year...sorry :)

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Bioshock had a great atmosphere but after the second boss (in the freezer room), the gameplay gets repetitive. I've replayed the Crysis demo at least 20 times (waiting for Christmas ;) and it's different every time. Also, the "technology" in portal isn't exactly technology, but that was a great, innovative game. And the Orange box? I mean, it's fun, but how about something new? Halo 3 can take that lame-ass reward because it reflects the game (although I've had fun on LAN games with friends). Honestly, I might reinstall Bioshock, but it really didn't have that much of a lasting effect for me (I explain myself in my review)

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Bioshock game of the year!!! actually the only game i have xD!

Avatar image for SinisterRhino93

Bio shock is a good game but it didn't diserve the game ot the year award.

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

Im sick of people like you who cant hack other peoples opinions. We are not upset, we are discussing, there is a difference...grow up! :)

Avatar image for Digitz115

jesus, i'm sick of everyone in denial about bioshock, it skyrocketed the market, the gameplay is excellent and it's a new shooter for idealism. just because you're retarded and devote yourself to an over rated franchise such as halo 3(which people do tend to get tired of the same exact gameplay going over 5 years), chances are the new breeds are going to spread their wings. BTW who's saying it's an rpg? It's pretty stupid to get upset about this crap anyways. don't be a sensationalist, you didn't make the game, you're not part of it. What does a stupid award mean to your perspective? Did it hurt your pride? SHUT UP

Avatar image for remoraz

Maybe i'm the only one that noticed... how did anything beat Crysis on breakthrough technology? Sure Portal has a really cool gameplay mechanic, but the technology isn't anything new.

Avatar image for jokey

pfff bioshock wasnt that great, i got bored of shooting the same enemys over and over again, my vote goes to cod4 for sure :)

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

When playing Bioshock I always felt like it could have been so much better, but thats just my opinion. Cant believe Uncharted only got 1 mention.

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

pugKiller: I did in fact play Bioshock, I also unlocked every achievment so... I liked the game but it was not the best of the year IMO. It was a shooter, the customization options were no where near as in depth as the like of Oblivion so I doubt you could call it an RPG.

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"Unfortunately, I feel Halo 3 should have won best original score and how on earth did DiRT beat Forza 2?" -gynotikolobomas God no! The score for Halo is SO GENERIC and new-age cheesy! I personally believe best original score should have been MASS EFFECT.

Avatar image for cjdaweasel

Well, in all the categories I care about, I agree (or at least can understand the reasoning behind) the winners. This is quite a good list.

Avatar image for gynotikolobomas

In all honesty, I'm pretty satisfied with the results of the VGA awards. Definately their best year as a gaming awrards ceremony. Unfortunately, I feel Halo 3 should have won best original score and how on earth did DiRT beat Forza 2?

Avatar image for pugkiller

>>>the_sorrow_MGS_ "lol is everyone drunk. Bioshock is not the best game. How can Bioshock win best game and COD4 win best shooter? does anyone see the problem thier?" Obviously you didn't play it. It was a shooter in name only. The character customization, story and atmosphere were more suited for an RPG than a FPS. But Bioshock seamlessly integrated the two elements, which is why it won best game, but not best shooter, because it wasnt the best shooter, but CoD4 didnt have near the same quality of story or ambiance that Bioshock had.

Avatar image for deactivated-58534dd71e87f

I don't see how Halo 3 could win "Best Multiplayer Game" when both "Orange Box(Team Fortress 2)" and "Call of Duty 4" were nominated... those two games are the BEST multiplayergames ever made...

Avatar image for Shadowblast_X

w00t!! COD4 FTW!! BioShock is cool too, but at least Halo 3 didn't win Game of the Year.......btw GeOW and the Orange Box suck donkey balls :D

Avatar image for FalseGod420

MASS EFFECT should have won .

Avatar image for afjkidd5

Thank goodness that Bioshock won best game. I figured it would just be given to Halo 3 like everything else has been.

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"GTA 4 and MGS4 will definitely get nominated for GoTY next year" I'm sorry but I hope to goodness not. If the best thing coming out next year are sequels to already thrice done premises then it's going to be one very very crappy year for games. 2008 will definitely not be a 'crappy year for games.' Just because GTA4 and MGS4 will be the only really notable games released for PS3 next year, doesnt mean that its all doom and gloom. The awards lists will be a mirror image of this year: dominated by 360 titles, with a few standout Wii games. PS3 will still be able to claim some kind of clout on the awards list with a couple of titles that are multiplat like Fallout 3, but games available for the Sony consoles will mainly be relegated to the PS3 category only again. And nobody start carping about GeOW2...Epic is dead in the eyes of true 360 fans...any product they put out isnt even worth a rent.

Avatar image for Homerj

"How could anyone consider Bioshock for Best Graphics over UT3?" Because they both use the same engine, there is no edge for either in terms of tech. What makes Bioshock stand out is its exceptional visual design and artistic theme. UT3 doesnt even come close to GeOW graphically....its not about the tech, its about the visual design and artistic approach. UT3 is bland and generic in that regards.

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

haha Mario won best action game, I'm not reading anymore.

Avatar image for the_sorrow_MGS_

lol is everyone drunk. Bioshock is not the best game. How can Bioshock win best game and COD4 win best shooter? does anyone see the problem thier?

Avatar image for Karjah

"GTA 4 and MGS4 will definitely get nominated for GoTY next year" I'm sorry but I hope to goodness not. If the best thing coming out next year are sequels to already thrice done premises then it's going to be one very very crappy year for games.

Avatar image for jedrzejewski

I think bioshock souldnt have won all those awards and definetly not game of the year, go Halo 3 and ratchet clank: tools of destruction Braap, BRAap

Avatar image for caseywokos2

Call of Duty 4 was totally ripped of best multiplayer.

Avatar image for Arch-Vil

Bioshock !!!!

Avatar image for vicsrealms

LOL, I really read that wrong. I didn't even thing Video Gaming Awards to equal VGA. I read it as there was evidence that Bioshock was somehow destroying VGA monitors. ~sigh~ I shouldn't have read this at 0300 hrs in the morning.

Avatar image for hampton2003

All the winners are winners because of the judges probably did a majority vote, and as that goes...... well people make the opposite choice sometimes because they dont want the obvious choice game to win. Such as a game that clearly dominated the sales charts and was the most popular..... most times the already big winner cant win the award, because they have to give some recognition to the other games. And thats true for any award shows, it all politics and bull about favoritism/balancing. Only sometimes does the real winner get recognized with the reward. Its all oppinions these days...... so just because your game didnt win in the category it was mominated in doesnt mean it didnt deserve to win.

Avatar image for GameWiz47

these awards are just as dumb as the baftas.

Avatar image for bolebec

this officially makes no sense whatsoever. Bioshock won best game overall, but call of duty four won best shooter. WAIT A SECOND!! isn't Bioshock a shooter??? shouldn't that had made Bioshock the best shooter too if it beat COD4 in overall game?? wtf are they thinking!!?? not to mention the countless games that weren't even nominated for some of the categories. get this out of here...

Avatar image for major_ace

Why wasn't Unreal Tournament 3 even nominated? Even if you don't care for its gameplay, it certainly deserved to at least be in the Best Graphics category... How could anyone consider Bioshock for Best Graphics over UT3?

Avatar image for trigun0006

the halo 3 one is arguable against call of duty 4 for multyplayer game of the year. I mean ive goon through a major adiction stage with both of them. ofcorse, ive also gone through a bioshock addiction and mario galaxy. ooh, and the orange box

Avatar image for deactivated-5925dfb1d1fe6

BioShock definitely deserved it (though my personal pick is Mass Effect), and Halo 3 is the best multiplayer. Actually, all of these choices seem pretty much spot on.

Avatar image for gamesfreak4ever

halo 3 deserves to get best mutiplayer game of year cod 4 dosent have vehicals,way too many glitches,and spawns suck,and promotins are easy to get and best sound track rock band!?!?!? must becuase of the new added songs every week

Avatar image for gnutux

I'd rather give Call of Duty 4 best multiplayer game of the year than Halo 3. Love both, but CoD 4 is better. gnutux

Avatar image for madcapper248

Anyone else notice the abundance of 360 games on the nominations? :) Let that be a note to all the cows and sheeps.

Avatar image for stewiegriffin20

Best Driving Game DiRT Forza Motorsport 2 Need for Speed ProStreet Project Gotham Racing 4 ? how? Not Forza? O_o? i dont understand that

Avatar image for pugkiller

An all around great job I thought, there isnt a single game that won an award that you couldn't make a very compelling argument for it. two things though: 1. Halo fanboys: STOP WHINING, your game was for all practical purposes a MP only game, sure it had an easy SP mode (yes even legendary compared to previous halos seemed dumbed down), but no one bought it for that. if all Bioshock had was SP then all Halo had was MP. 2. UR MR Gay (and really anyone that said" wah FPS,FPS,FPS,FPS WAH) fanboys: Stop whining, your game won GOTY, WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT ON THE 64. Mario, zelda, even Metroid are all just rehashes with a new coat of paint and new maps, just as, if not more derivative than any FPS. The only truly ORIGINAL game this year was Portal. So if you want to award based on innovation, then give it to the Orange Box. But its not about that, its about which game gave the overall best experience, and though Bioshock had no MP, it had possibly the greatest single player ever put into a FPS and that earned it the award.

Avatar image for mdcdeve266

lol judges? only awards that would have any meaning would be ones voted for by actual gamers, for instance. Madden won a category and won the big prize last year? only in america, since it is american football of course. Football (soccer) being the no.1 sport in the world by far. I'm not really a fan of FPS, though theres alot there. RPG mainly, but looking to the RPG section and what is there? Mass Effect wins, either way seriously who would call those 4 games the best RPGs of the past year