BioShock zaps PS3 in October

Take-Two's acclaimed first-person shooter making waves on Sony's platform later this year with "new features and content."


Last week, a spate of cover stories from upcoming print magazines confirmed long-standing rumors that Take-Two and 2K Boston/Australia's dystopian underwater shooter BioShock would nestle on the PlayStation 3. The news was hardly shocking, considering the mounting tsunami of evidence that indicated the game would make it to Sony's platform after having logged impressive sales and critical approbation on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Details on the PlayStation 3 port were next to nonexistent a week ago, and with Take-Two officially announcing the game today, they by and large remain that way. In lieu of hard details, the publisher did say that BioShock will arrive on the PlayStation 3 this October, more than a year after the game's August 2007 debut on the Xbox 360 and PC, and that 2K Marin will be developing the game. 2K Marin is also at work on the game's sequel, BioShock 2, which is expected to arrive during the publisher 2009 fiscal year on unnamed platforms.

As recompense for the extended wait, Take-Two said it would be adding "new features and content" that it hopes will give "the title the opportunity to once again be named Game of the Year." Take-Two promises more information on just how it hopes to accomplish that feat in the near future, beginning with the cover stories hitting newsstands next week.

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