BioShock: Undersea Carnival Games coming to Wii

APRIL FOOL'S DAY: 2K Games' ultraviolent cranium-bashing minigame collection will provide hours of madness for the whole family.


During Take-Two Interactive's latest earnings call, executives for the publisher sung the praises of both its ultraviolent action game BioShock and its all-ages minigame compilation series Carnival Games. Today, the New York-based company announced the first crossover between the two franchises, BioShock: Undersea Carnival Games. Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, the game is set for release this holiday season, and has not yet been rated or priced.


As first revealed in several job postings, BioShock: Undersea Carnival Games is in development at 2K Marin, which is also developing BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. Unlike either of its multiplatform cousins, though, the game will seek to look at the lighter side of Rapture, the once-Utopian undersea realm that descended into chaos after internal strife and genetic experimentation gone awry.

Set before the protagonist Jack arrives at the beginning of the first BioShock, BioShock: Undersea Carnival Games takes place in a derelict amusement park not seen in the original game. There, players will assume the role of a splicer, one of the mutated survivors of Rapture's civil war who has lost his or her mind after years of undersea isolation.


To prevent themselves from going further insane, the splicers distracted themselves in a series of casual party games, which players can also indulge in using a Wii remote, a Nunchuk, and a dried-blood-encrusted lead pipe peripheral included in the box. The games include:

--Splice-'n'-Dice: Assemble your own twisted creations from an assortment of twisted limbs, warped visages, and deformed torsos!

--Plasmid Playset: Mix and match your own chemical concoctions and try them out on captive splicers, unhindered by the petty laws or moral trifles of humankind.

--Sneaky Smash: Attach the Wii Remote to the lead pipe accessory and surprise your friends with blunt trauma to the cranium. Last one conscious wins!

--Big Daddy Bumpin': Challenge your friends to a round of bumper cars featuring Big Daddies in tiny electric Volkswagen Bugs.


--Memories of Madness: Use the Wii Remote to overturn cards with shockingly disturbing images and match them with similarly sickening pictures on other cards. Last player not driven insane wins...or does he?

--Rapture Rhumba: Holding the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as though holding a dancing partner. Players can dance away the endless hours of tortuous isolation, awaiting the inevitable reckoning that will come with the arrival of the stranger, Jack.

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