BioShock Turns 10 With $200 Anniversary Collector's Edition, Out Now In US

Would you kindly not bring up how old this makes me feel?

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Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the BioShock series, which debuted on August 21, 2007. 2K is celebrating the occasion in several ways, the most notable of which is a new collector's edition for those in the United States.

The primary component of BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition is an 11-inch statue featuring a Big Daddy and Little Sister. 2K says this features lights and a motorized drill, as well as audio clips of both characters from BioShock. You can see this pictured below.

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Additionally, the Anniversary Edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and a physical copy of BioShock: The Collection for PS4 or Xbox One. The Collection consists of remastered versions of BioShock and BioShock 2 (minus its multiplayer), as well as BioShock Infinite.

The Anniversary Edition is priced at $200 and is scheduled for release on November 14. It will only be available at GameStop (PS4/Xbox One) and through the 2K Store; pre-orders are now live through those respective links.

Aside from this, 2K plans to host a celebration event on September 2 as part of PAX West. It's also relaunched a new BioShock YouTube channel and announced a sale for the standalone version of BioShock: The Collection. It's currently available for $30/£16/AU$41 through a number of retailers, as well as PSN (for PS Plus members) and Xbox Live.

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Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

Lost me at GameStop.....

(I like pre-ordering on Amazon because of the 20% off)

Avatar image for mattmp1786

I'd love to get it, but I think $170 for a statue is a little ridiculous

Avatar image for untouchables111

I just replayed all 3 on Pc. What a great series. Sad it's all over.

Avatar image for bigg_p

It sucks that this isn't available in 2k's EU-store, I have Collectors edition of all the Bioshocks so far, but guess I'll have to ebay this one, due to them ignoring Europe :(

Avatar image for Pyrosa

I still have my original Big Daddy statue... All set.

Avatar image for ECH71

What I would love is the original BioShock Infinite, before they completely re-wrote the story... it was a whole other game.

Avatar image for couly

My favourite game of all time. I'm in my forties now :(

Avatar image for definer0

Time to milk some more Bioshock money

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

Where is Bioshock 3 ?

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@R4gn4r0k: seriously??? ugh

Avatar image for Archangel3371

While I think that's pretty cool and I kind of want one part of also wonders why.

Avatar image for restatbonfire

@7tizz: if you never cared for 1 you don’t deserve to play Bioshock

Avatar image for restatbonfire

@7tizz: well now you are

Avatar image for videogameninja

10 years already!? Feels like Bioshock just came out a few years ago. Man, I'm getting old.