BioShock to get collector's edition?

2K responds to online petition, says it will produce special version of Irrational Games' upcoming shooter if 5,000 people sign up.



Last week, an online petition decrying Capcom's decision to make Devil May Cry 4 a multiplatform game attracted numerous headlines and just as many derisive comments on message boards and even the attention of the publisher's senior director of strategic planning and research. This week, another petition--one that's actually petitioning a publisher to take specific action--received attention from its target publisher and might even achieve its goal.

2K's official BioShock site Cult of Rapture was updated earlier today with word of an online petition asking the publisher to put out a collector's edition of Irrational Games' upcoming first-person shooter for both the PC and Xbox 360 worldwide. In the posting, 2K's Elizabeth Tobey informed the masses that if the petition receives 5,000 signatures, she was told the company will indeed make a limited edition of the game. She did not, however, indicate what additional bonuses would be included in the proposed collector's edition.

As of press time, the petition had received 2,028 signatures.

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