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BioShock PS Vita Was Planned As Final Fantasy Tactics-Style Turn-Based Game

Creator Ken Levine also adds that he wanted the game to be set in pre-fall Rapture.

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The BioShock game for PlayStation Vita announced in 2011 is nowhere closer to release, but now series creator Ken Levine has opened up on what he originally had in mind for the game. "I was thinking a Final Fantasy Tactics-style thing set in pre-fall Rapture," Levine said to a fan on Twitter. "As some know, I'm a turn-based whore."

Overall, the BioShock game for PS Vita was aimed to be something that would "work well" on the system and "not be a compromise in any way," Levine explained further.

No images or video for the BioShock PS Vita game have been released, and it's unclear if any actual work on the game ever got underway. Levine said BioShock publisher 2K Games and Sony were "way more enthusiastic" about the game in 2011. Since then, the companies have not been able to agree to a deal.

BioShock creator Irrational Games sold the franchise to 2K Games/Take-Two Interactive in 2005. Making the BioShock PS Vita game is not such a simple endeavor, Levine said, mainly for legal reasons. "Wish I could do it myself, but lawyers and all that," he said. "I still love my Vita."

When Irrational Games effectively shut down in February, 2K Games said it had "no update" on the development status of BioShock for PS Vita. Levine and a handful of former Irrational Games developers are now working on a "smaller, more entrepreneurial" project for Take-Two, while the future of BioShock series is in the hands of 2K Marin.

On the subject of a possible PlayStation 4/Xbox One Game of the Year version of BioShock Infinite, the most recent entry in the series, Levine said on Twitter, "I'm hoping, but not my decision."

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