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BioShock PC launch short-circuits

2K servers go down, preventing PC players from completing installation process for single-player, offline game.


PC owners trying to install their brand-new copy of BioShock have had a rough time of late, with several users reporting that 2K Game's patch servers were down for some hours today.

Installing BioShock on a PC requires a user's computer to connect to 2K's auto-patch servers before the game can be played, something made impossible for some time today when the 2K servers crashed. 2K's own forums were alight with disgruntled BioShock buyers who were prevented from playing the game due to the required connection. As of publication time, 2K's official Web site was timing out, as was the BioShock Cult of Rapture site.

A 2K Games Australia spokesperson said 2K technicians were working on the issue, and had already added additional servers to help cope with the influx of traffic.

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