BioShock Infinite "Toy Columbia" level comes to Disney Infinity

Latest set of free add-on content for Disney Infinity includes user-generated Toy Box level based on Irrational Games' shooter.


Disney Infinity

The worlds of BioShock Infinite and Disney Infinity have come together via an all-new user-generated level for the game's Toy Box mode.

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Disney Interactive announced today (via Polygon) that the latest batch of add-on content for Disney Infinity's Toy Box mode features five worlds based on BioShock Infinite, Tron, and Up, among others.

Toy Columbia features a cartoon version of the game's floating city. A new video (below), shows that Toy Columbia features the game's Sky-Line rails, as well as Carl's home from Up, complete with its signature collection of balloons.

In the Tron set, called Trench Run, players must pilot a Tron Recognizer through a trench, while the Jungle Cruise set is based on the real-world Disney park attraction. Lastly, Sky Gauntlet will offer platforming challenges, while players will have to navigate a maze in Blue Breakout.

The five Toy Box maps are available today as free downloads for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. Executive producer John Vignocchi clarified on Twitter that the levels are created by the community, not developer Avalanche Software.

For more on Disney Infinity, check out GameSpot's review.

Toy Columbia - DISNEY INFINITY on Disney Video

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