BioShock Infinite multiplayer modes axed - Report

[UPDATE]: Rumored feature cuts join staff departures among troubles for Irrational Games' follow-up to 2007 shooter; Epic Games' Rod Fergusson joins Infinite team.


Senior members of BioShock Infinite's creative staff may not be the only things leaving the game, if anonymous sources who spoke to Kotaku are correct. The sources claimed two multiplayer modes have been cut from development, and Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine addressed the recent staff departures in an interview with Kotaku.

The news from Columbia is ill of late.
The news from Columbia is ill of late.

Reports of the multiplayer cancellations were not confirmed by Levine. While the two online modes in question, a tower-defense-like mode and a campaign-inspired cooperative mode, may not be under development, it is not known if these constituted the whole of BioShock Infinite's multiplayer.

Nate Wells and Tim Gerritsen, BioShock Infinite's art director and product development director respectively, departed recently among several others in the last year and a half who formerly hung their hats in the Massachusetts studio. "We never like to see a guy like Nate leave because he's been here for a long time, but it's been 13 years and I think sometimes people want to spread their wings," Levine said. Levine stated on his Twitter account that the original BioShock's art director, Scott Sinclair, has resumed his role in place of Wells.

Kotaku also reported that Epic Games production director Rod Fergusson may have been brought in to help complete the game. Both Fergusson's LinkedIn page and his Twitter account still list his employer as Epic.

BioShock Infinite was announced in 2010 and was originally scheduled to launch this October. The game was delayed in the run up to the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo--at which it was not present--to February 2013, which Levine said it is still on track to meet.

[UPDATE]: After the publication of this article, Epic Games president Mark Rein confirmed Fergusson's departure from the studio in order to work on BioShock Infinite, calling it an emotional farewell and saying "Interwebs have my official permission to be unworried about Bioshock Infinite."

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i don't care about mp in bioshock, just focus on the SP. sure coop sounds nice but i can easily look over that if the SP is awesome enough. and PLEASE include survivor/very hard difficulty again!! (which was left out in bioshock 2). i mean how hard can it be to let the enemies hit for more damage and have a little more health.

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"We never like to see a guy like Nate leave because he's been here for a long time, but it's been 13 years and I think sometimes people want to spread their wings..." So this guy decides to spread his wings and take flight right in the middle of crunch development?! Lmao I'm gonna call b*llsh*t on that statement. Something's not right.

Avatar image for Slash_out

A tower defence mode in a game of the quality of Bioshock? That's interesting me actually.

Oh, and co-op is always a great thing for me.

I have a couple of friends/family I play all my co-op games with and I am always hunting for CO-OP games.

So this is a little bumming me out.

Avatar image for deactivated-59930af094f34

Good! focus on SP - the heart of the Bioshock series.

Avatar image for Tim57282

I am fine with this.

Avatar image for lordvulcan

If they have axed the whole Mp modes the game will be far better for it. As they can then focus all attention on the SP campaign. I still think personally that Bioshock 2 was ruined by the inclusion of the MP modes as less care was taken on the SPportion of the game which made it inferior to the first bioshock game in my personal opinion.

Avatar image for TheFallenDemon

Good, this gives them more time to work on the what actually matters: a story and setting up to par or even better than the original Bioshock.

Avatar image for David_Kniffin

No multiplayer? I'm unsurprisingly not upset by this at all.

Avatar image for NoDzombie

this is great news,

i wish they would just forget about pointless multiplayer, that we dont want, and concentrate on giving us a fantastic singleplayer story set in an amazing world,

cause that IS what we want

Avatar image for thenephariouson

For me Bioshock is all about the story, i really enjoyed the first, but skipped the second as i knew the Story would suffer due to the half-assed runnie-gunnie MP component they tacked onto the back which in turn meant that the main element suffered as a result, this was the main reason i did'nt purchase Bioshock 2.

So as you can imagine, im rather happy they've decided to ditch MP on 'Infinate'.

Avatar image for Yulaw2000

What?! Rather than polishing the Single Player They have been wasting time on unwanted Multiplayer?! And now they have hired someone from Epic(A studio that as of late seem to be good only at Multiplayer)?! This is not sounding good.

Avatar image for dlM0kn

Well, seeing as how Bioshock 2 's mp was lagtastic, I'm ok with this. Maybe now they can focus more on getting the sp flawless...maybe work on prime optimization for the pc version?

Avatar image for interrasteral7

In my opinion, I thought Bioshock Infinite or like to call it Infinite as wishing was a new IP was a follow up to 2010's Bioshock 2.

Avatar image for deadpeasant

While I'm glad that multiplayer is gone, the reasons for it being axed are worrying. I hope the single player won't be axed aswell.

Avatar image for beast70

best gaming news this month!

Avatar image for KC_CheeseKing

Good riddance.

Avatar image for yuunnnnna

And this is supposed to be a bad thing?

Avatar image for vrajitorugaoz

A game like bioshock does not need is all about playing a beautifull story and enjoying a good gameplay overall...MP will never feel good enough for people...but a really good SP campaign/game will stand the test of time...

Avatar image for Moegitto

@vrajitorugaoz My sentiments exactly, you play multiplayer everyday because it's the same thing with slightly different variables. But if a single player game is good enough to make you play everyday then the team actually worked on it. Too many games are coming out where you beat the campaign in like 6 to 12 hours but there's more features in the multiplayer modes. I'm not saying mutliplayer itself is bad, but it shouldn't be tacked on. It should be a separate piece of the pie.

Avatar image for firehawk998

These days whenever there is news that a previously SP game is adding MP into it. A lof of people complain about is because most of the times the MP in question tries to resemble COD or try to copy another sucessful MP mode like Horde, Left 4 Dead style MP, they just change the graphics to suit whatever game it is being played and just calls it a day. Very rarely do we get to see MP component of a game that is really unique and makes sense to be included in the game. If the report here is true I am more than happy for Bioshock Infinite because the MP component will not work in a game like this. Need Prove try Bioshocks 2 MP.

Avatar image for Dragon_Nexus

@firehawk998 Assassins Creed actually blew my mind when I played its multiplayer.

I was in the "FFS, not every game needs f***ing multiplayer!!!" camp...until I played it. So amazingly unique and well executed (badum tish).

but yeah, your point stands. Most developers don't attempt anything new, just settling with the treid, tested, safe and boring "Run around and shoot dudes" formula. Multiplayer does now and always has had to work hard to fight against the one prevailing desire of all multiplayer fans - "We must boil this down to team deathmatch".

Avatar image for firehawk998

@Dragon_Nexus Well cant comment on AC MP but based on what I heard from my friends who did play the game it has a unique twist to it but yeah you are right most games have the TDM, level up stuff we see in COD and other games. Mind you that isnt a bad thing but whats worse is that they dont add anything unique or anything that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Avatar image for raahsnavj

Perfect. I'm actually really excited about this game the more see / hear about it. The axing of multiplayer for me is a good sign.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

good now they can spend more time at the single player i am starting to get bored out of my mind playing onlinr games

Avatar image for SultaN-s

i hate multiplayer. people don't respect single player mode enough anymore. i care about the story in games and most games ruin that with silent protagonist and silly co-op all for the sake of nooby multiplayer !

Avatar image for MrsViolence

NO I DON'T! IT WAS FINE W/O IT! Raged! :P Imo: Sick of games adding more and more stuff thinking it will "hit it off", when in reality it tanks! Spend all the time in the world on the gameplay, graphics, music, and storyline! com' on MAN!

Avatar image for AcidSoldner

While it would have been neat to have a multiplayer mode(s) in Bioshock Infinite, I don't think that it will be something that is terribly missed. Bioshock has always been a single player focused game and I appreciate that in an industry full of games with tacked on multiplayer.

Levine himself stated a while back that they would like to do multiplayer for Inifnite but only if it made sense and added something significant to Bioshock Infinite.

Avatar image for redskinStu

Elder Scrolls and Fallout both prove multiplayer is something Gamespot writers talk about. Most people don't care.

Avatar image for blackothh

im perfectly happy with no multiplayer whatsoever for this game, just make a damn good solid single player experience!!!!!! its a complete waste of resources.

in all honesty, if you had a multiplayer mode, it has to be wildly unique or its not going to be played for more then a few hours per player, there are more then enough dedicated multiplayer games out there that im perfectly willing to sink 300 more hours into.

Avatar image for Predwarrior

Reading these comments, it's good to know there are others like me out there. I mainly play single-player games because atmosphere and story are extremely important to me. Also, too many people online are the kind of people I get paid to work with every day and I play games to get away from them. I'm not against multiplayer, but you can only go so far it terms of atmosphere and sheer cinematic immersion with some idiot running around killing their own team members.

Avatar image for Serpentes420

@Predwarrior Agreed, the people have spoken time and again about tacked on multiplayer being unneeded and useless. Now all we need is for developers and publishers to listen.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

In Levine I trust. I consider the first Bioshock a masterpiece, but the 2nd was terrible, and Levine had nothing to do with it. Glad he's back and I'm willing to bet my 60 bucks this one will be great.

I'll get this game, I have no fear it will be great. Cut out all the multiplayer if you want, I won't play it for anything but the campaign.

Avatar image for CY4N1D3_625


I'll be betting my money as well. I understand they're trying to get a good bit of paint on it, but they could have boxed up the installation files on a hard drive and given it to me last year at E3. I'm going to have WAY too much fun with that skyhook rail system...

Avatar image for akhorahill

Most comments here are praising the removal of multiplayer, assuming God knows from where that it will free resources to single player development.

It's more serious than that. The art director and product developer leaving has little to do with multiplayer being there or not. They're probably leaving what they assume it's a sinking ship. I'd bet 2 cents that they're way past their budget and removing what they can in order to release it ASAP. Not to worry, it'll be released as overpriced dlc afterwards and praised as "support from the devs".

Avatar image for Falzonn

@akhorahill Anytime a section of a game is removed, there is always cause for concern, exactly for the reasons you said.

The question is WHY these modes were removed. Did they think the game modes didn't "cut the mustard" or as akhorahill says, were passed budget or behind schedule, and as such the devs have to cut corners in order to make the release date. If the last is true, I have concerns for the quality of the SP.

Avatar image for kvan33

If memory serves me correctly, the first Bioshock did amazingly well without multiplayer...and it was a brand new IP. They basically can print a wad of cash by just releasing an new single player game. Why invest money in multiplayer modes that people will be bored with a couple of months after release?

Avatar image for Serpentes420

@kvan33 Tacked on multiplayer usually is an attempt to get people to hold onto their games a little longer so used copies are not filling Gamestop's shelves a week after launch. Doesn't affect me as I am a collector and can't bear to part with a game for a few bucks, but perhaps it works for some

Avatar image for Marcster1994

Good. I hate the people who think that every game needs multiplayer. It wastes time, and resources.

Avatar image for Twilighten

I really hope there will be no multiplayer! The first game certainly didn't need it!

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

@Twilighten Agreed. And, the second wasn't any better for it.

Avatar image for never-named

I'm doing a cartwheel as I'm typing this!

Avatar image for blackothh

@never-named lol

Avatar image for 10V3n0M01

This is not so bad. The only thing I was was waiting to experience in this game was the singleplayer. Multiplayer had not even gained any interest from me until this article. Well, no problems! More time to polish the singleplayer. Looking forward.

Avatar image for LordRaymond

Great news.

Avatar image for nickythenewt21

As long as we no longer need to worry about the game getting released, I don't care about the multiplayer. I play BioShock for the single player anyways, not the multiplayer.

Avatar image for Lordcrabfood

No multiplayer is no big deal, although I do remember Ken saying in an interview he would only implement multiplayer if it was something amazing. Does make me curious about what these modes would of been like, but a great single player campaign is all I really want from Bioshock.

Avatar image for Takeno456

The removal of multiplayer is considered bad news? No my friends this is great news! Now more focus will be put towards the campaign I hope.

Avatar image for blueboxdoctor

Well, I get Bioshock for the awesome singleplayer (both 1 and 2 provided that for me) so I don't think we're losing anything of major importance, I just hope they didn't put too much into already that it may have taken funds from the development of the singleplayer campaign.

Avatar image for Sgthombre

Not multiplayer in BioShock Infinite? THANK GOD.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Well that is a good move if they felt the muliplayer wasn't going to be good. Not all franchise need mulitplayer componets tacked on. Bioshock series is better off without it.

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