BioShock, Hell's Highway demoed on PSN

Sony's weekly Thursday update brings new samplers as well as add-on content for NBA Live 09, <i>Blood Sugar Sex Magik</i> Rock Band album, PixelJunk Eden soundtrack, more.


Last week's PlayStation Network update was hard to beat, as it came packed with four full PlayStation 3 games, two PSP games, and a host of game add-on packs and demos. While new full games are by and large absent this week, Sony still has a plentiful offering of bonus packs as well as demos for a few of the PS3's most anticipated games.

The PS3 edition of BioShock went gold earlier this week in advance of the game's October 21 release. And as promised, a demo for Take-Two's dystopian underwater shooter has been added to the PS Store today. The free trial clocks in at a beefy 1.39GB, and will give PS3 gamers a look at some of the tweaks that went into Take-Two's expanded edition of the Xbox 360/PC original.

A number of other free trials join Take-Two's sampler on the PSN this week. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Ubisoft and Gearbox's long-in-development World War II shooter, arrived to warm critical reception last week, and gamers can now check out the first mission of the game involving Sgt. Matt Baker and the 101st Airborne Division. Those looking for a more placid demo experience can check out Namco Bandai's Chopin-tribute role-playing game Eternal Sonata. Two sports demos round out the PSN's samplers this week: one for Sega's critically maligned Beijing 2008 and the other for Take-Two's upcoming NBA 2K9.

With EA's NBA Live 09 demoed last week, the publisher today added one free and one pricey downloadable game pack to the PSN today. The Oklahoma City Pack is a free download, and includes up-to-date uniforms, logos, arenas, and cheerleaders for the new Oklahoma Thunder NBA franchise. For $19.99, gamers can also enhance their NBA Live experience with the NBA Live 365 pack, which provides daily updates on real world happenings in the league.

EA has also bolstered its Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 with the Firestone Country Club add-on pack. The $7.49 download gives virtual golfers pro club access to the famous course, which hosts the World Series of Gold as well as the World Golf Championships - Bridgestone Invitational.

And, as has been the case every week since Rock Band's November 20, 2007, debut, MTV Games and Harmonix have released new songs for its popular rhythm game. The Red Hot Chili Peppers headline this week's stage, with the band's 1991 rock funk album Blood Sugar Sex Magik now available for purchase. The 16-track playable album can be had in totality for $19.99, or broken into individual tracks for $1.99 a piece.

Rounding out this week's list of premium offerings, Namco Bandai has released more DLC for its fighter Soulcalibur IV. Both packs cost $3.99, and give gamers instant access to a variety of weapons that otherwise would have been unlocked through play. Audiophiles may also be interested in the PixelJunk Eden soundtrack, which compiles all of the tunes from Q-Games psychedelic platformer for $2.99.

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Avatar image for ashtonmas

demo was a let down. played it twice through and that was enough for me. plus a year later no thanks. way better games to play instead (dead space, fallout, possibly far cry)

Avatar image for brian_13un

I am going to buy the PS3 version

Avatar image for Neo1O1

As expected, the BioShock demo was amazing. I'm definitely getting this game.

Avatar image for Timstuff

I remember that back in the day, you could unlock in-game content using a Game Genie. Now, you're expected to pay the game developer to unlock stuff for each individual game. Lame.

Avatar image for jogunther

I love the demos on the PSN. Its always good to see what your getting yourself into. Plus the great games for sale.

Avatar image for yunarce19

damn the nba 2k9 demo is disappointing... it lacks new features and content... nba live 09 demo is way better than the nba 2k9 demo... but who knows....

Avatar image for jasonjm

stay away from the SCIV add-ons, they are to unlock things you can unlock easily on story mode.

Avatar image for ctg867

I'll download the Bioshock demo to see how it looks and plays on PS3, but I wouldn't download Brothers in Arms. I'll wait until I get my next issue of Official Xbox Magazine and play the demo disc on my 360. These things take too long to download. Publishers have no respect for consumers by putting out these 1-2 GB demos, and Sony and Microsoft have no respect by having such piss poor download speeds through PSN and Live respectively.

Avatar image for bryanacross

bia sucked

Avatar image for Xc0nvIcT3d

LOL I just love how the chickens in Eternal Sonata stand their ground in Tenuto Village

Avatar image for Xc0nvIcT3d

Strange, downloads on my PS3 seem a lil faster than on my PC. If the demo was 1.39 gigs, then I wonder how big the actual game is lol

Avatar image for korichy

This is the type of updates that I like, pack ,pack ,pack. I downloaded the Bioshock demo but I didn't have the time to play it. Yesterday also was a very good day for my PS3 I got a beta key for LBP, that game might look childish but it's awesome, I will have to start collecting dollar bills I need to buy this game when I comes out.

Avatar image for Banyan007

i'm already downloading the demo it reached 35% OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Promised_Trini

killa4lyfe...I Hope When Tekken Drops We Get A Few Match's In Yeah...As For Bioshock Taking Up So Much GB For Demo I Was Cheesed Off As Well.

Avatar image for ivanfred

NiteX: The Brothers In Arms demo was awful. ============= Yes, it was. I deleted the demo immediately after playing it. Most of the defeated enemies looked the same.

Avatar image for Lordx67

1.39 GB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? What the F***!!! Just for a demo!?!?!?!?!

Avatar image for killa4lyfe

yo sh*t gamerkiduri ur from pk nice i am from pk tooo but live in CANADA! and dun wrry about HP blood prince its coming out much from today hehe same wit web of shadows!!!

Avatar image for killa4lyfe

Man i have been waiting fir tekken 6 too....I HOPE IT COMES SOON

Avatar image for Promised_Trini

You Know What Demo I Want Tekken 6 I've Been Waiting To Long Man...Yes I Love My PS3 To..

Avatar image for daabulls23

Sounds good, but I wish there was a way to download PS3 demos from your PC and transfer them via a USB device. I bet downloads with PCs would be a whole lot faster.

Avatar image for daabulls23

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for MajinDante

definitely gonna download the bioshock i was hooked on this game on the 360 so I'd like to be able to compare, especially after reading earlier(forget the date) here on gamespot with the developer guy saying the game would get a graphical facelift and something bout the cinematics also getting a boost as well.

Avatar image for NiteX

The Brothers In Arms demo was awful.

Avatar image for atrimus

i had Bioshock on the 360, but ended up trading it towards Orange Box (not the best decision i've made). i was gonna rebuy it for the 360, until i heard a PS3 version was in development with extras. yeah, i downloaded the demo last night, and to my relief it looks at least as good as the 360 version. hopefully it'll be sub $59.99 (seeing as the 360 version is $30 or $40), but even if it isn't i'll still be getting the PS3 version. strangely, i was most excited about the Eternal Sonata demo. ES was another game i was close to getting for the 360 until i learned of a PS3 version with extras (extra playable characters even). based solely on the demo, Eternal Sonata is one heck of a fine jrpg. going to make my res. at gamestop later this evening.

Avatar image for Xc0nvIcT3d

Right now should be about the time where a lot of developers are feeling at home with the PS3. I've noticed several Multi-Console games that looked better on the PS3. Bioshock is certainly one of them. The other one I'd like to point out is the Pure demo. I have both a 360 and PS3, downloaded both demo's for each, turned on both, started demo at same time....360 is on hdmi 1, PS3 is on hdmi 2.....and hit the 'source' button on my tv's remote for comparisons. The High Dynamic Range lighting on the PS3 made Pure 'pop' and was very satisfying to play, while I really couldnt notice any HDR lighting at all on the 360's Pure demo. Those who have both consoles, try that yourselves! My 360's out for the count tho (Red Lights came back 2nd time around couple days ago....gonna miss Street Fighter 2 HF), but nothing to worry about now since most games are multi-platform, and looking awesome if not better on the PS3, plus it's free-to-play. I was 85% an Nvidia guy rather than ATI, and now I'm glad that the PS3 chose Nvidia.

Avatar image for gamerkiduri

you can tell q4 s here cant u! ive been waiting for this times of gaming!

Avatar image for gamerkiduri

i dont know how to get al these games!my wallet is running out! there is svr09,smweb of shadows,hp half bllod prince,gow2,resistance 2,cod 5 and bioshock!

Avatar image for gamerkiduri

I LUV MY PS3 SOOO MUCH.its the best console ever!i live in pakistan so the demo came 2 days came out 2 days ago on japan and china too

Avatar image for silverman2000

Love my PLAYSTATION 3 more and more so much to play so much to do on it ;)

Avatar image for TeabagChampion


Avatar image for guile_charlie

That's what SCIV's DLC is? Weapons that are already in the game!? Weapons that I've already unlocked with the characters for which want them? NOT weapons that AREN'T ALREADY in the game!? NOT a new character to fill the empty square between Vader and Star Killer since (thank God) we're apparently not getting Yoda!? Okay, that's great, give us the option to pay 4 bucks for stuff we could just unlock for free instead of have us pay 4 or 5 bucks for content that isn't already in the game. So far all of the DLC that Namco/Bandai has given us for SCIV has been sh!t but this takes the proverbial cake! And it's not even a tastey cake! I'm otherwise glad that Bioshock is getting a demo and Namco/Bandai is doing at least something right this year by letting us have Eternal Sonata!

Avatar image for ocdog45

good demo's this week. i beat bioshock for the 360 so ill wait till that comes out.

Avatar image for KamuiFei

Still on the ropes about getting Bioshock again, the new content has piqued my interest for it. But I will say Eternal Sonata is day one purchase. I held off getting it for the 360 once I found out it was coming to PS3, I loved the demo!

Avatar image for gushy

bah, looks like there is no hell's highway on the uk psn.

Avatar image for SyrusKahn

downloaded both last nite but i got to caught up playing the LBP Beta...

Avatar image for kiraburu

Of BIOSHOCK I mean.-

Avatar image for kiraburu

For those who played the 360 and PC version, how do you see this? it equal, better or worse? I didnt play thoses but i try the demo yesterday and i think it was good...not that good i was hype but it can get better. Im still bying it and resistance 2(i have the feeling that resistance 2 are going to like me more, i dont know)

Avatar image for zakaweb

I played the demo for Bioshock last nite. I already finished the game on my 360. Great game. The visuals have been improved a bit from what I could see from the demo. I'm looking forward to the full release.

Avatar image for N-REAL

I finished Bioshock Demo last night!!1 Was a great demo, the music effects were great!! :)

Avatar image for onething77

Sweet...I am downloading the BioShock demo.

Avatar image for swamptick


Avatar image for theWanderer80

Despite finishing it... AGAIN... only a few weeks back I'm gonna DL the PS3 demo of Bioshock to check out any additional features/content I can look forward to! One of the best games of all time.

Avatar image for mrkame16

i want Bioshock on PS3. i have it on 360 and it better be as good or better on PS3.

Avatar image for Spy_106

Make a US account and download easier than waiting. :)

Avatar image for thekillingtree

is this for the US only, i cant seem to find the brothers in arms demo

Avatar image for masterhalo43

i'm so trying out bioshock and hell's highway.

Avatar image for LittleYoshi

Bioshock on the PS3 FTW!!

Avatar image for V-r0cK

imma download it 2nite!!!

Avatar image for DJFMBEN

OMG great news i'm downloading Bioshock Femo right nowwww!

Avatar image for jerectoff

Is it exactly the same demo as the 360?

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