BioShock Hands-On

We take the PlayStation 3 version of 2K's acclaimed shooter for a test drive.


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BioShock made some big waves when it was released for the Xbox 360 last year. The unique game wrapped a rich story with first-person shooter mechanics in a stunning art style that made for one of the most engrossing experiences seen on consoles in a long while. Thankfully, PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with the upcoming conversion of the game for Sony's console. We've seen demos of the game in the past few months but only just had the chance to try the game ourselves courtesy of a recent visit from 2K.

Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.
Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.

2K has roped in a cavalcade of development teams to handle the conversion of the game for the PlayStation 3. 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia, and Digital Extremes are tag teaming the project, which aims to come up with a faithful conversion of the original game. The teams are also including a few bells and whistles in the form of content, as well as visual tweaks. Fans of the original game will be familiar with the single-player Story mode, which follows the trials and tribulations of plane crash survivor who stumbles onto a mysterious underwater utopia called Rapture.

The PlayStation 3 game, as we've noted before, is on the right track to capture the look and feel of the Xbox 360 game. The visuals are comparable, although there are some subtle differences in color and texture. The controls map intuitively to the PlayStation 3 controller and feel a bit better. The PS3's D pad seems like a much better fit for the hacking minigame. The controller's rumble support also had a nice feel to it. Although the experience is pretty much the same in the single-player mode, we noticed subtle tweaks, such as manual cycling of the load screen stills. The game also incorporates all the downloadable content that's been available on the Xbox 360. In addition, the game features trophy support, some of which are the same achievements seen in the Xbox 360 game, while others are different.

Outside of the proper single-player experience, we had a chance to try the Survivor mode, which offers a greater level of challenge that forces you to be smarter about how you play the game. Enemy behavior has been tweaked, and the damage you cause has been modified, so you won't be sailing through the mode even if you're familiar with the original game. We also got a look at the other big addition to the game, the puzzle rooms, which are a very slick brain-busting addition to the main game. 2K reps noted that the rooms will vary in scope and size, which will affect how long it takes you to play through them. While some, such as the Ferris wheel, we've seen before and can be done in short order, others will require more work.

BioShock remains a must-play game for this generation, so if you haven't checked it out yet, the PlayStation 3 version of the game is one more chance for you to give it a try. The game is coming together really well. The faithful conversion of the main game is looking good and might even be sharper in places. The additional content, challenge rooms, modes, and trophies are nice extras to have, although we obviously would have liked to see more. BioShock for the PlayStation 3 is slated to ship this October, so look for more soon.

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Its this or Dead Space for me I think. No way I am gonna get this over Fallout 3 so....... how much you guys think I can get for my kidney?

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This game is simply AMAZING !!! JUST GET IT...NUFF SAID...

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TO PAUL265...this game cannot possibly run on the wii,it will look like crap!! This is a powered-up game that requires next-gen graphics engine for it to look like the 360 or PS3 versions....For the Wii, not a chance with this game....

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My point proven << LINK REMOVED >>

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Sounds like your Ps3 is messed up sir. I had No such issues with my demo then again I have one of the first ps3's maybe u got one of tweaky new ones? How ever I do enjoy the fact that you spent your time trying to bash the game. Most likely the full game will look better then the 360 version if they do it right then later they will do a patch for the 360 version so they will look the same. There's no reason these games should look any different on either console. Now if there is a discrepancy it would be because lack of time put in or the fact the 360 is essentially a small pc while the ps3 has a different architecture and they just didn't know how to use it right.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Now that's demo is out, it's very nive to be able to compare it to the 360 version. The graphics are apparently being rendered at a lower resolution with some weird antialiasing, as the image is all blurry and the jaggies abound. The sound volume is strangely too low - so low I've had to turn my receiver's volume three times the normal volume. Which is a bummer: I was looking forward to playing the PS3 version (having finished he 360 one three times so far :) ). Hopefully the release will get better... It probably will be fine for those who haven't seen it on the 360 - still, it's better to have at least the blurry version on the PS3, than none at all.

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i am not sure if i can get it or not all the good games in 2 months can't affored all games i want so maybe not get bioshock:( (because i played it on pc and xbox360). a lot of games but if a some got bad reviews or something and i don't want them i will get it for sure and if bioshock gets score more tan pc and 360 i will get it for sure and that's what i feel that ps3 verion will get better score 9.5/10 maybe because new dificulity annd new stuff. i want taht game so much!

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argh thr r so many promising games coming out... to damn tough that thr all expensive

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this game rocks i had it on 360 and played it on pc and i think i will get it on ps3 !!! this game is my second best game !

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John_russel.... ur full of it

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Good article does everyone forget this is on PC too seems like everyone mentions the 360 version when the PC one looks a lot better if you have the system that can run it a high quality.

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Wow. John_russel. The worst comment ever. Bravo.

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I have both systems... both have their ups and downs. I don't think one outdoes the other and I have equal fun with both of them

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i have a 360 and ps3, this was one of the best games i've played in ages. so im gonna get it again. as for which consoles better both are good but they do both have there flaws. stop your whining.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Will this game come out for the Wii.

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i hate fanboys... ps3 fanboys: shut up, this is a good game, but doesnt randomly send the ps3 on a one way trip to being better than the 360. 360 fanboys: There are more good games on a ps3 than just MGS4, you just dont know them cuz you could care less. both have their good points, both have their faults. for the love of GOD, everyone, shut up. No one is every going to win in this fanboy bullsh*t. each side will continue to praise their console as the second coming of christ and spout false information at each others. anyway... I'm looking forward to being able to finally play this on my ps3 since i've been wanting it ever since i first saw a preview like ages ago for the 360.

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I'm getting a 360 soon, and this game was highly recommended to me, can't wait to try it out

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360 slays all

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Spoken like a tru gamer facuff cheers!! =)

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Gamespot doesnt like ps3 put in Kayne west terms... they a bunch of haters come on get off you Farris wheel and man up ps3 better its ok to admit it now its the year of the PLAYERSTATION!!!! xbox lovers i dont care so dont bother

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and oh, just to add to the gamespot being pro-360...tell me whats the game that got a perfect 10 other than GTA 4? its MGS 4 right? if you look at the comments on the MGS 4 comments page, PS3 owners were praising Gamespot for being fair and giving MGS 4 a perfect 10...THE IRONY!!!

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lol! you fanboys make me laugh! haha...PS3 never had good games except for MGS 4...nothing else! and considering that the 360 is the cheapest console on the market now, and considering that now they're making a port and with extra time to tweak things must look better even by a little bit? I mean, whats the logic on making a port and adding features if you're not gonna make it look better? you PS3 fanboys sicken me!

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To starphaser: I dunno, alot of other cross over ports are better on 360. Seriously, why did you make such a pointless statement in pure fanboyism? I've never noticed gamespot to be bias to the Xbox 360...*shakes head*

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"The faithful conversion of the main game is looking good and *might* even be sharper in places." finally gamespot admits one 360 game CAN be better on the ps3, even if in a very unwilling manner.

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To anyone that asks for This and That game to be ported from the 360 to the PS3, If it Microsoft Game Studios on the box or gives the Microsoft Game Studios splash screen when you start up the game, it's not going to the PS3. Simple as that.

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One of the best examples of Gamespots Pro-360 attitude is by looking at the game rating for Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. See Gamespots score (7.5) and Critics score (8.9)

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One of the sites has a split screen comparisson of the 360 + ps3 versions and to be honest aside from the ps3 using a darker colour palette they look exactly the same. Thats no bad thing though, it doesnt take away anything from the ps3 version to be the same, besides Bioshock was one of the 360's best looking games. Everyones a winner. PS. Buy it, its one of the best story driven games out there!!

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couldent agree with you more chapnzaba. Im not saying 360are bad, but gamespot clearly favor it. Ive seen it too on so many occasions. cause when ps3 got some cool + feature stuff etc, its not a big deal. But when xbox has it, its like christmas.

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Gamespot is so 360 fanboyish. I'm glad that this game is coming to the PS3, it looked great on the 360, but i read through this article and Gamespot obviously doesn't wanna admit that the PS3 version will be better and improved. 2K has confirmed it will be improved. So GameSpot is all like "Yeah, it'll be better 'here and there'. The extras are "'nice to have", and "we 'could've seen more'". They are so pro-360.

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PS3 owners are in for a treat. Be a man, and choose this game.

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It really is a great game. I'm glad more people will be getting to experience it. I'm not upset when games are released across multiple platforms this way. Each release had it's own window, and even though the PS3 version is over a year late to the party, you know the devs took the time to make it look and play it's best. If EA ever gets their hands on 2K, we'd see a lot less this kind of delayed release in the industry. Every system would get every game at the same time, and none of the systems would get to shine. You'd end up with game like Mercs 2; a game whose lowest common denomenator is the PS2.

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halo cnt cme to ps3 because ms own the ryts to halo. bungi could make a game that is on the ps3 bt nt halo!

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What the hell is that guy on about? Cough Final Fantasy Versus 13 couldn't even be done on 360. Cough FFX11 as it is will have to have 3 disks + . Cough.

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ok i sound retarded

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Cough........... FF13 ................. 360 Cough Cough but i suppose halo is owned by BUNGIE !!!!!!!! am more for 360 but their is the smallest of chances that halo could go on to PS3 i mean Halo Combat evolved was going to come out on Ps2 i didn't though for BioShock sadly its been over run by horrow games and shooter games and will be over run by zombie games when RE5 comes out Xbox = better games PS3 = Future proof Wii = Mario Must admit PS3 guys oh no we have to Fun but thats it have more disks End of the world

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I don't get why people don't understand the simple fact that Microsoft owns Halo. :P BioShock is an awesome game though. I'm glad more people will get to play it. The game isn't special because of the gameplay, it's special because of how deep the story goes and how unique the actual game world is. It's a fantastic game, I'm sure most people will enjoy it.

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dude halo will never ever be released on a playstation, it's like having metal gear solid on my xbox 360

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awesome . Finally I get to play it on the PS3 . Hopefully Halo would follow !

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Apparently the PC version is no different to the 360version and even the devs have said the PS3 one looks better in places, it has extra content and I don't see why anyone would bother coming to this page if that was their opinion. Unless they just spend their days winding other folk up, whichsays more about them, really. I was gonna get it for PC after I got rid of my 360 last year(too many failures for me I'm afraid)but as I'd been told the PS3 version would be the final, and biggest, version I've waited for it-I'll enjoy it as well if that's ok with people.

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good game, ps3 owners without a 360 will really enjoy this one.

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pc version is superior ahahahahhhahah

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This is not a port from x360 to ps3, it is an all new project developed for Ps3 (you can see it from graphics, frame rate, and some improvement) So Bioshock it is and old idea yes,(1 year ago) but for Ps3 it is a brand new game, and it is worth the price.

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I wonder will they lower the price the way they did with lost planet and other games that came to the ps3 months after it's other launch. they don't seem to talk about it, i think it will be messed up if they charge PS3 owners $60 for a game that came out a year ago and yea it has tweeks here and there but so did lost planet when it came to the ps3 virtual fighter added online when it came over to the 360 and they were both $40 bucks when they came out on the second system. P.S. i saw some comments about how this will be the best looking, ok, one if you have a high end gaming PC($1200+) you win hands down because the game can improove with a change oif a graphics card. Now those of you that say better than 360 remember it will be a 360 port they are not going to redo the whole game just for the ps3. In the past the 360 has wiped the floor with the ps3 on side by side compaisions. now note I own both and have done my own to see with is better and the 360 is in the lead but the ps3 is catching up. mercs 2 is better on the ps3 but then again it was made for the ps3 so i depands if they want to make a good port or be lazy and just make it work (mercs 2). So unless you have both systems and have played the graphic powerhouses (Crysis,Gears, uncharted, Bioshock(360,pc),call of duty 4) just stay quite about who looks the best.

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Yeah been here Played it A year ago.

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cool but dont think it would be better than computer and 360 anyways

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no the pc version will still look better because pc gamers will have a high end graphics card. the ps3 version will probably look better than 360 though.

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No console wars please... Just enjoy that BioShock is coming on PS3 but I don't understand one sentence: The visuals are comparable, although there are some subtle differences in color and texture. Very vague, what do they mean? Does the X360/PC one has better or the PS3 one? Well, so far this sentence hammers another nail in the "LEAVE THE GAMESPOT BANDWAGON" coffin for me! Just b/c they are getting more and more biased towards the X360.