BioShock Hands-On

We take the PlayStation 3 version of 2K's acclaimed shooter for a test drive.


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BioShock made some big waves when it was released for the Xbox 360 last year. The unique game wrapped a rich story with first-person shooter mechanics in a stunning art style that made for one of the most engrossing experiences seen on consoles in a long while. Thankfully, PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with the upcoming conversion of the game for Sony's console. We've seen demos of the game in the past few months but only just had the chance to try the game ourselves courtesy of a recent visit from 2K.

Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.
Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.

2K has roped in a cavalcade of development teams to handle the conversion of the game for the PlayStation 3. 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia, and Digital Extremes are tag teaming the project, which aims to come up with a faithful conversion of the original game. The teams are also including a few bells and whistles in the form of content, as well as visual tweaks. Fans of the original game will be familiar with the single-player Story mode, which follows the trials and tribulations of plane crash survivor who stumbles onto a mysterious underwater utopia called Rapture.

The PlayStation 3 game, as we've noted before, is on the right track to capture the look and feel of the Xbox 360 game. The visuals are comparable, although there are some subtle differences in color and texture. The controls map intuitively to the PlayStation 3 controller and feel a bit better. The PS3's D pad seems like a much better fit for the hacking minigame. The controller's rumble support also had a nice feel to it. Although the experience is pretty much the same in the single-player mode, we noticed subtle tweaks, such as manual cycling of the load screen stills. The game also incorporates all the downloadable content that's been available on the Xbox 360. In addition, the game features trophy support, some of which are the same achievements seen in the Xbox 360 game, while others are different.

Outside of the proper single-player experience, we had a chance to try the Survivor mode, which offers a greater level of challenge that forces you to be smarter about how you play the game. Enemy behavior has been tweaked, and the damage you cause has been modified, so you won't be sailing through the mode even if you're familiar with the original game. We also got a look at the other big addition to the game, the puzzle rooms, which are a very slick brain-busting addition to the main game. 2K reps noted that the rooms will vary in scope and size, which will affect how long it takes you to play through them. While some, such as the Ferris wheel, we've seen before and can be done in short order, others will require more work.

BioShock remains a must-play game for this generation, so if you haven't checked it out yet, the PlayStation 3 version of the game is one more chance for you to give it a try. The game is coming together really well. The faithful conversion of the main game is looking good and might even be sharper in places. The additional content, challenge rooms, modes, and trophies are nice extras to have, although we obviously would have liked to see more. BioShock for the PlayStation 3 is slated to ship this October, so look for more soon.

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yet again microsoft loses an exclusive. and its the definative version too. another check for sony!

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i used to have the 360 version but i sold it so now wit all the new improvments im going to buy it again

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they had me at trophies

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cant belive it took this long for a ps3 version

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Hmmm. Maybe I will get it on the PS3 as well just for the new game types.

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Now... only if a Wii version is in the works... LoL... one can dream right?

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glad that this game is available on another platform. a fantastic game that as many people as possible should experience.

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Loved it on the 360, its good to see that PS3 players can play this good game too

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gosh i love 2k at least when they port games not like ea cough cough they actually make it better and worth for actual time for wait with added on extras. that my friends should be a golden standard for every port game regardless of platform

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cool, another great game to add to the collection of great games coming out for ps3 in october.

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kudos for play station owners!!!

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Bioshock was awesome and with such nice additions, ps3 owners are in for a blast!

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Man October is jam packed, LBP, Bioshock, Fallout 3, Naruto, SOCOM and Far Cry 2 damn! I know im going to have to drop some games off my list.

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Can't wait to get this on my PS3

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Bioshock is probably my all time favorite game. It really is a must have.

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ps3 is lagging behind the 360 once again...accept your defeat

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If you've never played Bioshock.. get it on whatever platform you can. I prefer the PC version for control reasons though.

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seems like ps3 is finally catching up, kinda... ignorance is bliss ;-)

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If they sold it for cheaper like even $50 I would buy it but a game coming a year late is not worth $60 to me.

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and i just picked up the 360 version a few days ago, damn, oh wells thanks for the article guys... i guess

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Holy good god there is so many good games to buy right now lol.

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Do want nao

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I read somewhere that there'd be new areas in the story mode.

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This is definitely a must-buy for me.

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Nice I once played this game in pc now in ps3

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I played through a friend's copy on the 360 and was considering getting it on the PC, but I might just get this version instead.

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I've got quite a number of games to buy this year :( Resistance2, GH4, RB2, maybe N:UNS and Bioshock if its 40 $ >.

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Man oh man... I love this game

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Read the whole thing before you post Must have game

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For anyone who hasn't played this game... This is one of my favorite next-gen games, I recommend giving it a shot.

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I want this game so bad...Can't wait for October.

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I'm getting this game just for the trophies

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wuts the diffrence?

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I agree, marrik. It's too bad they don't pull a Capcom like they did for re4: Wii edition and Lost Planet. Meh, either way, I'll be picking it up sometime later on... I'm sure it'll drop in price fairly quickly, and while I really want to play it (almost got me to buy a 360 last Fall), it's not on the top of my wish list. All the same, looks awesome.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I wish it would start out at 40$, because its already out for other consoles, but it wont....

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I hope they made it better

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Glad they decided to take their time with this one. It sounds like we're getting a quality title instead of a rushed port to cash in on the success of the 1st release.

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im xcited

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This will be great!!!!!!

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Can't wait for this.