BioShock Hands-On

We take the PlayStation 3 version of 2K's acclaimed shooter for a test drive.


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BioShock made some big waves when it was released for the Xbox 360 last year. The unique game wrapped a rich story with first-person shooter mechanics in a stunning art style that made for one of the most engrossing experiences seen on consoles in a long while. Thankfully, PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with the upcoming conversion of the game for Sony's console. We've seen demos of the game in the past few months but only just had the chance to try the game ourselves courtesy of a recent visit from 2K.

Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.
Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.

2K has roped in a cavalcade of development teams to handle the conversion of the game for the PlayStation 3. 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia, and Digital Extremes are tag teaming the project, which aims to come up with a faithful conversion of the original game. The teams are also including a few bells and whistles in the form of content, as well as visual tweaks. Fans of the original game will be familiar with the single-player Story mode, which follows the trials and tribulations of plane crash survivor who stumbles onto a mysterious underwater utopia called Rapture.

The PlayStation 3 game, as we've noted before, is on the right track to capture the look and feel of the Xbox 360 game. The visuals are comparable, although there are some subtle differences in color and texture. The controls map intuitively to the PlayStation 3 controller and feel a bit better. The PS3's D pad seems like a much better fit for the hacking minigame. The controller's rumble support also had a nice feel to it. Although the experience is pretty much the same in the single-player mode, we noticed subtle tweaks, such as manual cycling of the load screen stills. The game also incorporates all the downloadable content that's been available on the Xbox 360. In addition, the game features trophy support, some of which are the same achievements seen in the Xbox 360 game, while others are different.

Outside of the proper single-player experience, we had a chance to try the Survivor mode, which offers a greater level of challenge that forces you to be smarter about how you play the game. Enemy behavior has been tweaked, and the damage you cause has been modified, so you won't be sailing through the mode even if you're familiar with the original game. We also got a look at the other big addition to the game, the puzzle rooms, which are a very slick brain-busting addition to the main game. 2K reps noted that the rooms will vary in scope and size, which will affect how long it takes you to play through them. While some, such as the Ferris wheel, we've seen before and can be done in short order, others will require more work.

BioShock remains a must-play game for this generation, so if you haven't checked it out yet, the PlayStation 3 version of the game is one more chance for you to give it a try. The game is coming together really well. The faithful conversion of the main game is looking good and might even be sharper in places. The additional content, challenge rooms, modes, and trophies are nice extras to have, although we obviously would have liked to see more. BioShock for the PlayStation 3 is slated to ship this October, so look for more soon.

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lol u indeed are a total nub. mgs4 could not even run on 360 hardware

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To kinky, of course it will just as MGS2 Sons of liberty got ported to xbox and im taking a leap of faith here but wasnt 3 too? Anyway of course it will happen, i dont really need to elaborate any more on that, but it always happens.

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at least PS3 owners will feel the thrill of bioshock!

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the day mgs 4 gets ported to xbox is the day gow gets ported to ps3 it wont happen,

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SounDS GooD .... n e way the Pc and x360 versions are awesome

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i coudlnt wait for the PS3 copy so i got it with my 360

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"The controller's rumble support also had a nice feel to it" Introducing the N-64

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Looks good, but dont know if it will be as good as the 360 version.

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@Blood Diamond "the only exclusives we PS3 owners can sing about really is Metal gear sold 4" did u forget god of war 3 and tekken 6?(though they not released, we can still yap abt it :D), and even gt6,killzone 2

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if only 2k could get EA drunk long enough to get the rights to System shock.. I love to see that remade correctly... because we all know how bad EA would mess it up.

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Sweet :D

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Better late than never!

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Buy it! It's one of the best games I ever played

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THE best game I played last year. I'm happy for folks who only have a PS3; they get to play one of the best games in the past 10 years. I have the XBOX 360 Elite and PS3. Maybe I will return to Rapture on my PS3. Happy gaming!

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@zero-master well yes of course kratos i was just asking the other people!!

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It looked amazing on my PC, but physics was a big problem. Bodies would still move after being killed. Got really annoying after a little while. Hope they fix the problem for the PS3 version.

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the only exclusives we PS3 owners can sing about really is Metal gear sold 4, no doubt that'll be a port sooner or later and heavy rain i liked there first project so much (Indago Child AKA Fahrenheit) I played Bio shock on the 360 and got bored, but now i feel gutted that i didn't finish it. Now i can't wait for the ps3 port so i can finaly finish it

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But Gears of War and Halo 3 are Microsoft-owned products. That's like asking for Mario and Zelda. I think Gears 3 will be released on PS3, however, because Epic brought UT3 to the PS3. I know Heavy Rain is a Sony-owned product but... i want that $hit so bad.

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Let us have Gears of War and Halo 3 and you can have Haze and Heavy Rain

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as a 360 owner, i feel jealous when great games become available on PS3. Not because they should always remain on 360/PC, but because developers don't bring games from PS3 to 360. PS3 has got gems Oblivion and BioShock. Why can't 360 get Metal Gear Solid 4 or Heavy Rain? I'd even like to see Haze on 360, because i'm such a big fan of Free Radical. :(

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is the dl content available for my pc version? good to see PS3 only users get to play bioshock.

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Why is it people belive that Bioshock was a 360 only game. I'm pretty sure *looks at his pc version* that it was never a 360 only, and this is really just good marketing. If you never got a chance to play it on 360 or pc and you have a ps3 then i would spend my coppers on it. But i would wait for the price tag to come down. Also who is coming up with this crazy sky high prices for super comptuers to play games at 2 end specs. I just got myself a new one for £700 (about $1.200) with a nice quard 2.3 , 9800Gt 1024meg graphices card and a lovely 4 gb ram. So were are people getting these just ridculous figures. if it's alienware it's just understandable they just rip everyone off XD

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I already went through this on the pc myself and it was oustanding. I love rpg's and shooters and this game is one of the first shooter's to really try to add some tangible adventure/rpg elements. Even though I played it I think I need to buy this just for the extra content, including the addon lvl sections that that gamespot apparently forgot to mention. Ps3 owners rejoice, this is a must-own.

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uh why aret they making a big deal over the extra content? challange rooms? oh come on the 360 and pc versions are perfect without the 'challange rooms'

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gamers who don't really appreciate this one overlook how deep the story and experience can be. every environment, level, nook, room, fixture, enemy, and object there tells a story. now if you're the type of gamer who'll run past everything looking for the next splicer to blast...then i pity u. go play something else... it is a game built with and for a higher intellect.

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happy for all ps3 guys don't miss your chance to play it

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Shanzor, Good, I completely agree, last upgrade I did was three years ago. I too am unwilling to pay up the butt to stay on the verge of new tech. I mainly use my computer for 3d animation and illustration, but playing crysis also doesn't hurt :)

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This game is absolutely incredible, and if you have not played it, you must!!!! My favorite game of all time.

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@briansevenfive Ok, no prob man

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spanky333 no bioshock for the ps3 will be the same price as any new game

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Shanzor well with the halo i didnt mean it like that just a mistake cuz i was a huge fan of it

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@chogunson Well, in order to play every game for the PC (including Crysis) you're going to spend a hefty penny. I'm personally not willing to constantly put money into my PC in order to play a couple of games. Granted $3000 was an exageration

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I shall have to rent this.

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bioshock was good only the 1st time u play it and only half way thru the game r u kept engaged. the latter half was just rubbish story-wise and gameplay wise for me. it was just repeating wat u had been doing for the previous hours over and over again and the hacking minigame becomes more work than play. not o mention the last boss is too easy to beat.

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intelligent gamers will surely appreciate this game and its sheer brilliance! for the causal run and gun airhead gamer...go play halo

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best experience on the 360 ive ever had. more memorable than all the hyped games on the 360!

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I'll have to get this. Never got a chance to get it on the 360.

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well now that they lost Final Fantasy and they share 90% of their games with MS it's a lot easier to choose a system, u should just pick the cheaper

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erm. with resistance 2, far cry 2, resi 5, cod world at war, this isnt really on the top of my list. but will give it a try once it is like £19.99

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Yay niow there is less reason to get an Xbox 360 :D

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@B1G DADDY Kratos of course!

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I upgraded my computer for $700 off, and it is more powerful than my PS3, or an Xbox(want to pick one up though) Play the games you want, were gamers, not consolers. I don't know whether Xbox or PS3 is more powerful, I do know though that a dual core E8400 plus 8800GT plus 2 gbs of RAM rapes both of them, look those up online, and tell me what your monetary figure is.

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Shanzor, I own, PS3, $599 when I got it, Also upgraded my PC....this $3000 figure you pulled out of your butt, you sure of that? hardly takes more than $700 to upgrade to a nice PC....not going into my PC specs, just wanted to let you know, you should get your facts straight. PC is overall better, you pay for it, sure, but it is a more powerful machine....and for less than $3000.

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i no who cares all the consoles are great and i have all three so shut up and enjoy them

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I have the Xbox 360 version, but for some reason, didn't finish it. I was hoping that the PS3 would have online co-op. Too bad...I would have bought it for my PS3 if it did.

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this game was so friggin fun i cant wait for the 2nd one

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I don't know exactly why this game has been getting all this hype, it just looks strange as hell to me in the form of an FPS...however, BioShock had me at "Trophy Support" :-)