BioShock Hands-On

We take the PlayStation 3 version of 2K's acclaimed shooter for a test drive.


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BioShock made some big waves when it was released for the Xbox 360 last year. The unique game wrapped a rich story with first-person shooter mechanics in a stunning art style that made for one of the most engrossing experiences seen on consoles in a long while. Thankfully, PlayStation 3 owners will get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with the upcoming conversion of the game for Sony's console. We've seen demos of the game in the past few months but only just had the chance to try the game ourselves courtesy of a recent visit from 2K.

Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.
Get ready for more creepy underwater fun with BioShock for PS3.

2K has roped in a cavalcade of development teams to handle the conversion of the game for the PlayStation 3. 2K Marin, 2K Boston, 2K Australia, and Digital Extremes are tag teaming the project, which aims to come up with a faithful conversion of the original game. The teams are also including a few bells and whistles in the form of content, as well as visual tweaks. Fans of the original game will be familiar with the single-player Story mode, which follows the trials and tribulations of plane crash survivor who stumbles onto a mysterious underwater utopia called Rapture.

The PlayStation 3 game, as we've noted before, is on the right track to capture the look and feel of the Xbox 360 game. The visuals are comparable, although there are some subtle differences in color and texture. The controls map intuitively to the PlayStation 3 controller and feel a bit better. The PS3's D pad seems like a much better fit for the hacking minigame. The controller's rumble support also had a nice feel to it. Although the experience is pretty much the same in the single-player mode, we noticed subtle tweaks, such as manual cycling of the load screen stills. The game also incorporates all the downloadable content that's been available on the Xbox 360. In addition, the game features trophy support, some of which are the same achievements seen in the Xbox 360 game, while others are different.

Outside of the proper single-player experience, we had a chance to try the Survivor mode, which offers a greater level of challenge that forces you to be smarter about how you play the game. Enemy behavior has been tweaked, and the damage you cause has been modified, so you won't be sailing through the mode even if you're familiar with the original game. We also got a look at the other big addition to the game, the puzzle rooms, which are a very slick brain-busting addition to the main game. 2K reps noted that the rooms will vary in scope and size, which will affect how long it takes you to play through them. While some, such as the Ferris wheel, we've seen before and can be done in short order, others will require more work.

BioShock remains a must-play game for this generation, so if you haven't checked it out yet, the PlayStation 3 version of the game is one more chance for you to give it a try. The game is coming together really well. The faithful conversion of the main game is looking good and might even be sharper in places. The additional content, challenge rooms, modes, and trophies are nice extras to have, although we obviously would have liked to see more. BioShock for the PlayStation 3 is slated to ship this October, so look for more soon.

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i was expecting it to be on PS3 so.. cool! I will buy it, it will have incredible grafics, well... better than in pc or xbox360 ..... COOL!

Avatar image for Vanine_28

Would you kindly play this game

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played 3 times on pc so, i won't be playing it on the ps3. unless a friend has it but, i won't buy it again. pretty good game.

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"BioShock made some big waves when it was released for the Xbox 360 last year". Hey Gamestop!! was not just release on Xbox 360 ONLY, also it came to PC, so it not just make "a big wave on 360 only" ok? remember? the retail box said "Only on Xbox 360 and Windows". Remember now? so the 360 did not have all the glory. yeah PS3 gamers this game is a most have. :) So yes Gamespot,I DISLIKE the FIRST SENTENCE. Thank you :)

Avatar image for FLYEboi50

:/ when i first heard of this game i thought it originally was supposed to come out for both systems...maybe the trophies held it back, idk but my friend says this game is awesome XD

Avatar image for Cactus_Matt

MUST HAVE IT! Gah! But there's so many other games coming out at the end of this year!

Avatar image for ScottEFresh

Day one purchase...I always said this would come to PS3. Believe me now?!

Avatar image for lamprey263

great, once this port is done they can finally get started on a sequel

Avatar image for tiggerboy

I will play it, even though I played the hell out of it on the 360. Its such a good game!

Avatar image for saturo123

lookin good for PS3, 360 was way too easy though

Avatar image for colben69

This will be great, I have xbox360 and am currently playing the game attempting to save all sisters rather than harvest them all. If you own a ps3 put this to the top of your wish list :)

Avatar image for TooQuickStix

While I will miss flaunting this game over PS3 users, I am happy more people will play this game. This game is really amazing, so immersive and engrossing, turn off the lights, crank the volume and enjoy.

Avatar image for jay0012k3

Whatever console its on.. Bioshock RULEZ !!! its an innovative game with an amazing storyline. I own the PC version and it rocks. It still looks lovely on the PS3. Enjoy playstation folks !!

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I already beat it on 360. But since I sold that, I'm still thinking about rebuying it.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for Nineball2112

I was able to play this on my stepson's X360 and it was a GREAT game. I really enjoyed it. If I hadn't already played it, I'd be in line to grab this first thing. I might still buy it further down the road when the price drops for the trophies and because it's just that good of a game.

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If you havent already played it on the Pc or X-box 360, then by it for the Ps3... Its a realy great fps!!! I was very in to this one:-)

Avatar image for Xhawk2004

#1 on my want list right now ... cant wait to try it out soon !! Hope its as great as everyone said.

Avatar image for DarkNovember

Hopefully, it's gonna be great on the PS3. I'd like to know what the "subtle differences in color and texture" are though.

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Bioshock is really really good, had it for the 360 and probably gonna buy for PS3 too scince I sold my xbox;

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no "benboz". ur totally wrong !!!Bioshock will be a great game on ps3....u just have to buy it!!

Avatar image for benboz

Never played Bioshock before. I don't even feel like playing it since its pretty much old now. I'm just bored of games sometimes. :(

Avatar image for gamer334

One of the most unique first-person shooters I have ever played! Definitely must buy for PS3 owners who haven't ventured into Rapture yet!

Avatar image for Dathenrogue

Not that I'm bashing the game or Microsoft by any means! This game rocks, I had it for 360 back in the day. My wife and I played it a lot and were both mesmerized by the depth of the story.

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Just throwing this out there, this isn't as much a "port" as it is a postponed release, It was originally planed for both consoles, then Microsoft payed wads of cash to keep it PC/360 exclusive for a year.

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enjoy it!!

Avatar image for Tylendal

I was originally planning on getting a 360 before I got a PS3, but with LBP, and now this I think the PS3 has just bumped the 360 downwards on my priority list.

Avatar image for dudesyeah

BEST...GAME...EVER!!! Not as creepy as I thought it would be though. Oh well

Avatar image for dynomitemasta

having both systems I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PS3 has NOTHING even remotely like this... I will be getting the PS3 version as well, . . . because it's THAT good. Of coarse this game is going to look on par with the 360 version, they had like a year to tweak it.........It will NOT disappoint.

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A friend of mine bought it for the 360 and hated it. I will rent it first to ensure no huge losses if it turns out to be avg.

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Ok so the first sentance says xbox 360, but if there is a port surely they would compare it, and I think any website would. Rather than view it as a new game... I agree sometimes I questions the writings of some of the previews and reviews and the quantity on GS, but I don't think this is an example. I havn't thought about playing this before, but after reading many of your comments, I think I may now! thanks GS members! you made my Bank manager even unhappier!

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I have this game for 360 and I love it so much I'm actually buying a ps3 for this game because of the added features..and of course for MGS lol

Avatar image for akiwak

I played this game on the 360 but I am buying it for the PS3. It's a good game and now more people are going to be able to experience it. It doesn't matter what system you have just play this game.

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Can't wait 2 get my PS3 this month :d and play Bioshock. PS RULLZ

Avatar image for MiltoxBeyond

lol @ Genson... you're the one who isn't being objective... They're comparing it to the 360 because the 360 version is already out and was a success. If it is better than the 360 then they will say so... right now all they're saying is that it looks like it is coming out well, or more specifically that it's not turning out worse than the 360 like a lot of ports have been.

Avatar image for sideoftheham

This game still isn't out on PS3? LOL

Avatar image for hrudey22

This game is too good to let the System Wars e-peen contest mentality get in the way. If you have a 360, PS3 or a gaming PC, and you haven't played this game yet, you need to do so. It wouldn't hurt to check out the System Shock games too.

Avatar image for kurtven

If you don't have it for PC/360, the Preorder this awesome game right now, it's worth every dime. But sadly there is no level editor :-( and will never be, can only hope that 2K, changes their minds regarding releasing a Editor

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I just want to look at GS when this console generation ends and PS3 are over all other consoles, it is so unprofessional for GS to make the PS3 look like a lesser console, why the h.ll they have to put a xbox version of the game in the PS3 review of the game? You can see the ENVY GS have to the PS3, I guess is too hard for gamespot to accept PS3 have the best technology of all consoles and that they won over the next HD format (blu-ray) GS looks so bad doing all subjective reviews to PS3, GS dont you have any professionals who could make an objective review? Losers.

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I too already bought this for the 360. But I am real happy for PS3 owners because this game is FANTASTIC!

Avatar image for Genson77

Wow, with this game will happend the same as Ninja Gaiden, the PS3 version of NG was much better than the NG version on XBOX, I am sure when BS come out will leave xbox version crying.

Avatar image for Eradicator23

I already own it for 360 so I doubt I will be buying it for my PS3. However, I am happy PS3 only owners will be able to play this great game with a few tweeks added.

Avatar image for Azuki

There is NO EXCUSE whatsoever for any gamer to not own and play this game now. It is among the top 10 games of all time in my opinion. A true masterpiece.

Avatar image for maugely

Hmmm...the extra modes may warrant another play-through. I traded in my 360 copy because there really wasn't much else to do after finishing the campaign. Guess I'll have to consider picking it up for the PS3.

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I said: Would you kindly go get stepped on by a Big Daddy!

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the only exclusive i need for my PS3 is Warhawk :)

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sweet game some boring parts ie: finding parts... to invent something other than that its a sweet game

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This is one of the best games of this generation so I urge anyone who didn't get to play it on 360 to get it on PS3. Trust me, you can't go wrong with it.

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Textures downgrade complete .../