BioShock Creator's Next Game Influenced By Fallout, Dark Souls, System Shock

The new game has a "broad range of influences," Ken Levine says.


Speaking tonight during a Take This charity livestream event, BioShock creator Ken Levine talked a little bit more about his upcoming game, which remains largely a mystery.

He was asked what his influences were and proceeded to list off a "broad range of influences." These include not only first-person franchises (his new game is first-person) but other genres, too.

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He said the new game is inspired in part by Dark Souls, System Shock, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Civilization, and Dying Light (the game he was playing during the livestream). But don't necessarily expect Levine's next game to closely resemble any of those games. Instead, the game will be more "in the realm" of some of the earlier games that he worked on, the developer explained.

He also made it clear that naming influences for the new game is "complicated." That's because he's not yet sure how to best describe it. In addition, iteration on the project remains ongoing, so it's possible things will change before Levine and company talk about the game in a more official capacity.

Also during the stream, Levine made it clear that his new game is not not a huge AAA production. This tallies with what we heard before, as the game was initially described as a "smaller, more entrepreneurial" project.

Levine has talked quite a bit about his new game recently. Just last week, Levine said the new thing is a set in "small-scale open world." It's also being designed to be highly replayable. Earlier in the month, in a different interview, Levine shared even more details on the themes for his next game.

"I'm so deeply involved in the themes of our new thing, our new game is a science-fiction game," he said at the time. "It involves themes like artificial intelligence and what it means to be programmed, that you are a thing that was created by programming."

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