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BioShock Creator's Next Game Is Sci-Fi, Coming To PC, and Won't Be Revealed at E3

Ken Levine tweeted a lot today about his current project; here's a roundup of everything he said.


It's a snowy, snowy day here in Boston today. Schools and workplaces are closed, and a Yeti is even stalking the streets of this city. So it's a great day to stay indoors and play video games. Or, if you're BioShock creator Ken Levine--who lives here--it's a great day to tease your next game.

Levine speaking at GDC 2014 last year in San Francisco
Levine speaking at GDC 2014 last year in San Francisco

That's exactly what Levine is doing today, sending out tweet after teasing tweet about his mysterious game project to be published by Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Some background: after Irrational Games closed in February 2013, Levine--and a small number of others--remained on-board to work on a "smaller, more entrepreneurial" project. Meanwhile, the BioShock series is now being developed by 2K Games in California. While no new entries in the series have been announced, top management says the franchise still has lots of room to grow commercially and creatively.

While Levine is not really saying anything totally official about his new game, his tweets give us some kind of indication as to what form and direction it might take. Among other things, Levine mentions that the new game is sci-fi-, targeting PC, won't be revealed at E3, and isn't anything like a Telltale Games title, among many other interesting details.

Below is a roundup of everything Levine said today on Twitter about his new game.

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