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BioShock 4 Is Still A Mystery, But Developer "Ramping Up"

No one knows for sure what's happening in BioShock 4, but 2K Games is hiring more people to make the game.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of Burial At Sea Episode 2, the final installment of BioShock Infinite's DLC and the last time gamers had a chance to revisit Rapture. 2K Games finally announced a new BioShock game in 2019, yet details and news have been scarce. But now, it looks like there's finally positive momentum for BioShock 4.

Via Eurogamer, 2K Cloud Chamber, the studio in charge of making BioShock 4, has listed 30 open positions dedicated to the title's production. 2K Cloud Chamber senior cinematic designer Jeff Spoonhower wrote on Linkedin that "The BioShock team at 2K Cloud Chamber is ramping up! We have many positions open across a variety of disciplines including art, animation, engineering, design, narrative, and production. We are working on a really awesome project, and our studio is remote-friendly."

There are still a lot of questions about what will be in BioShock 4 and how it will relate to the three games that came before it. The first two BioShock games were set in the underwater city known as Rapture, while BioShock Infinite shifted the action to an elevated city called Columbia. The two-part Burial At Sea DLC established the ways that Rapture and Columbia were linked in the multiverse while tying up Infinite's loose ends.

While BioShock 4 may still be a few years away, series creator Ken Levine's new game, Judas, looks a lot like the earlier BioShock games in its previously released previews. Judas is also expected to be released for the current console generation even though it doesn't have a release date. As for BioShock 4, there's no telling when that game will arrive, but don't be shocked if it skips this console generation.

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